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Being a soap, Sunset Valley has had to embark on many plots involving stunts for example fires, accidents and explosions

Here is a list of the stunts since this soap started

Claudia in kitchen fire- February 2011Edit

This stunt saw Claudia Leighton (at that time) be surrounded in flames in the Leighton house-hold. Meanwhile Tracey prepared to marry Kenneth. Claudia survives

Larrie sets Tracey's house alight- August 2011Edit

This special stunt almost saw serial killer Larrie McCulllough nearly die, with fiance Tracey Jones who had cheated on him. Both of them survive

Lee's revenge on Eileen- December 2011Edit

A christmas whopper saw Lee take revenge on Eileen Canning-Brown after he accuses her of cheating with Nicholas, when instead she had a boyfriend John Daniels. The duration of the Christmas fire last an entire night. It kills Eileen's daughter Fawn, niece William Brown and perpetrator Lee Canning. Eileen survives

Karyn and Larrie's showdown- March 2012Edit

This stunt saw the end of the road for serial killer Larrie when Karyn shoots him before his house in the hills explode injuring Karyn and killing Larrie

Max and Ellie's car explosion- August 2012Edit

This dramatic stunt sees a barbecue go wrong for Ellie and Max Smith, when a car leaks explodes the vehicle killing Max, while Karyn is caught in the cross fire and gets badly injured and saved by Ex-husband Sam. Ellie and the gang survive

Shelly's reckless behaviour- October 2012Edit

When Shelly continues drinking, and Derek tries supporting her, a fire breaks out in the Edingtons kitchen destroying the kitchen. It's not long until the kitchen is new again. Nobody is injured or killed

Harry's decoy explosion - August 2013Edit

When Harry holds Karyn captive in a shack, he fools Sam and Jim who suspect Karyn is in the shack as it explodes, which gives Harry time to silence Karyn

Harry sets fire to the Jones household - October 2013Edit

When Harry kidnaps Karyn and Shelly to stop Jack knowing about his thieving, he sets fire to the Jones house-hold, where Jim has knocked his stalker wife Cath unconscious. Ian saves Karyn and Jim, and Harry escapes the house with Shelly before it explodes perishing Cath, and Harry runs away

Mike causes a fire at the Fosters - February 2015 Edit

Mike Foster accidently sets the house ablaze leaving half-sister Stacey stuck inside. No one is killed, but Mike's step-dad Bill blames and neglects Mike

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