Harry's Antics/Karyn & Jim/Tracey & Ian Edit

Jane tells Karyn that Natasha is onto her while Amanda and Eve confide in each other. Paula reels as Claudia and Amanda get close.Amanda encourages Elle to go for Marc. Karyn struggles to accept what Piper is claiming and Karl wants to know where Piper stands with him.Karyn consoles Tracey while Karyn believes Jim was behind the attack and informs Des.

Jim continues to deny it and allures Karyn and claims that Piper tried it on with him and Karyn slaps Piper and confronts her leaving her and Karl devastated. Piper sleeps rough and the next morning Karl avoid helping her.Karyn sleeps over it and realises that Piper maybe right. Piper ignores Karl and gets drunk and tops herself leaving family mortified. Karyn and Jim rift over what happened while Tracey is pleaded by Ian for another chance and Ian asks for Karyn's help,Jim over hears and threatens Ian to keep away.Amanda tries to get Harry to dump his plan. Amanda and Elle bond making Eve reel, and her and Harry tease Laura.Natasha threatens to go to the police after a row with Jane.Tracey is in a bad state and later accuses Jim of murder and she puts the pieces together ruining Karyn and Jim's outing. Karyn attempts to silence Tracey. Tracey and Ian bicker and vows she isnt ready for trying again at this relationship. Karyn calms down Jim.Marc is told to bed Elle and he disagrees to Amanda.Marc is later seduced by Elle and they spend a night together. Eve reels when Marc is with Elle. Eve accuses Amanda of trying to split Cilla and Marc.Claudia becomes suspicious over Eve and questions her and Marc feels guilty.Tracey and Ian actually get on and she ignores Karyn.Harry agrees to flee with Amanda upon learning about Elle and Marc..Marc vows to dump Cilla when talking to Eve.Amanda is left excited over their plans to flee and Stella and Jack have their doubts.Amanda pressures Marc to dump Cilla and Eve learns of it and hates her even more.Amanda and Harry pack while they complain about money.Stella tells Laura of Amanda and Harry's plan. Stella is jealous of Laura's business and wants one.Marc tells Amanda he cant split with Cilla because its too hard. Des worries for Karyn as Natsha is looking for answers and tells Jeff.Tracey expresses anger towards Karyn while Cylvia later tells a guilty Karyn to go away. Cylvia tells Tracey to move back to support Ian.Cilla expresses her love for Marc to Cylvia and Samantha while Marc expresses his love to Elle as they go out.Tracey confides in Laura and Cylvia reveals that George may not come back, so she may need to leave making Tracey annoyed as she was hoping to move back with Ian.Laura expresses her happiness toward Harry over his plan to flee. Jane infroms Marc about Natasha.Stella asks Laura about an invester and Barry praises idea towards Laura. Laura consoles Michaela who is going Uni.Marc wants to know how to get rid of Cilla while he goes out with Elle and is nearly caught by Tracey and Ian.Tracey continues to ignore Karyn as she says hi to Piper.Tracey comes home to find mortfied Cilla and decides to not leave to go with Ian as Cilla is on the verge of another nervous breakdown.Cylvia vows to stay and calls George.Marc prepares to tell Cilla about Elle but cannot.Des tells Jeff to not mention Karyn.Jeff struggles with Natasha's interrogation and blurts out Karyn and she asks where she lives.Jeff is forced to explain. Stella and Laura get on while Amanda asks about his split and reels as he hasn't left Cilla yet.Cilla reels as Marc knew about her invasion and drinks a lot and pushes everyone away.Tracey finds out Marc was partially behind the attack and gives him chance.Stella complains about having no money and Jack blames Harry.Amanda is annoyed that Harry is post-poning their departure.Laura avoids Sam. Tracey and Ian go out and bump into Liz after enjoying time with Amy. Eve gives Marc an ultimatum that he must leave Cilla or she'll tell her. Tracey meets Jim and believes she does not know him any more. Eve is shcoked upon learning Elle was ditched again and Eve taunts Amanda in-front of Harry. Tracey taunts Jim so Karyn tells her to leave them be. Piper suggests to Karl that they broadcast Jim's murder which Karl hates and stops her. Karyn learns that Jeff told Natasha about her cooperation in Gloria's death, and talks to Natasha around the corner. Des pleas Natasha to leave Karyn after seeing Karyn being interrogated by her, Karyn is still displeased with her mother. Amanda and Harry row over a lack of money while Jack thanks Harry for his gift of money for Stella. Laura accepts Stella's proposal to join forces while Amanda learns that it was Harry's money. Sam makes an offer to Laura over the bar but is surprised to learns she has found a partner. Amanda reminds Eve of her threat after Amanda was left humiliated by Eve that day.Jack and Stella celebrate while Harry has enough of Laura's gloating and exposes how his money has been invested into her business and Laura refuses to accept the truth, Laura puts the pieces together and confronts Stella, believing she knew about the plan. Stella and Laura row while Amanda laughs it off. Jack urges Harry to call the deal off but its too late. Shelly tells Laura to leave after she came to get Sam's help. Stella reels at Jack and Harry. Karyn is surprised by Piper's plan to expose Jim. Piper lets slip Jim's murder to Natasha which Karl overhears and tells Piper to tread carefully. Karyn refuses Des' apology, so Des vows to split with Jeff to please Karyn. Des tells her plans to Eileen while Karyn isnt happy to bump into Natasha again.Piper and Karl witness Karyn and Natasha's exchanges.Jim meets Natasha and is shocked to learn she knows what he did to Cath and believes Piper told her, so confronts Piper. Jim makes Karyn hate Piper, so Karyn tells Piper she lied about the attack. Stella hits the bottle and pushes away Jack. Laura explains herslef to Shelly and they do not get anywhere so Laura informs a shocked Jane and Barry. Amanda learns she is not apart of Laura's bar, only Harry is, so Amanda heads over to confront Laura. Laura enforces that Harry and Amanda wont get away with it. Laura also learns Stella had no idea. Sam and Laura finally talk and are joined by Shelly. Amanda believes they still havent got enough money and vows to get full insurance of the place and Harry stops her from getting silly ideas. Stella has enough of the couple and kicks them out while Laura and Harry meet and he bullies her and expresses how she owed him after getting him into prison. Laura calls the police and learns she can't do much. Amanda asks Elle about Marc while Stella avoids Jack and partially blames him for her loss. Marc confides in Eve about Cilla and she's less harsh.Tracey and Ian are awkward with Jim and Karyn in the RR. Eve talks to Cilla and Cilla expresses how good Marc has been. As a result, Eve tells Elle to leave Marc alone and Elle doesnt take it well and the pair row.Marc feels bad about ditching Elle, but cant seem to satisfy her. Cylvia hears the conversation and later confronts him and reels at him Tracey treats Cilla and Ian out, while Cylvia gets Marc to explain himself.Natasha continues to pose a threat to Jim and Karyn's life in freedom. Eileen is sick of Natasha and tells her to stay away, and later finds Des planning to leave Jeff. Stella feels bad for blaming Jck while Amanda and Harry hate living in a hotel. In a row, Laura vows to leave for good, and Sam stops her and Shelly advises her to stay and fight Harry and Amanda. Amanda learns Harry did the deal out of spite and not so much the money making her fume and questioning their future.Laura gets a glimmer of hope as the bar takes shape, and Amanda enforces the idea of leaving with Harry. Marc tells Eve he must choose Cilla or Elle.Harry and Amanda argue over their diffrences so she talks to Audrey and Jonny, and Audrey isnt happy with her in the slightest. Amanda decides to take the lead and vows to burn the bar and Harry isnt sure. Laura has to put up with Amanda and Harry at the bar and seeks comfort in Shelly and Sam.Jack's attempts to please Stella with a outing turns sour, while Laura also blames Jack for helping bail Harry out in the first place.Amanda wants to know what Harry is going to do next.

Karyn is surprised as Des is still with Jeff, because Des felt guilty after Jeff explained how things were good so far. Des tells Karyn to stay shut. Tracey is annoyed by Cylvia not wanting to support Cilla and leave and go back to George. Tracey relaises there is more to the story and learns about Marc's cheating. Marc is out with Ele and as she leaves, Tracey threatens to tell Cilla when she confronts a scared Marc. Tracey tells Ian about Marc and tells him not to react to it. Tracey and Cilla talk and return home to find Cylvia gone, and Cilla questions why she has left. Marc learns about the leave and Tracey puts the blame on him.Harry denies plans to leave and Stella and Claudia talk about Amanda.Amanda visits the bar after her bickering with Harry nd finds Laura there, and they argue over the situation. Laura and Amanda come to blows and Shelly and Jack watch in horror. Jack is annoyed by Stella's late nights with her friends while Amanda ignores Harry.

Jack fumes over the fact that Stella came home last night late and Shelly asks Laura is she’s kay. She talks to Sam and Shelly on an outing while Amanda teases Laura even more over the fight, and reels ast Harry for the situation he has caused. Amanda feels that Harry likes Laura and expresses it to Jonny, annoying Paula in the process. Amanda blanks Harry as a result. Jim acknowledges that Karl doesn’t want to be around him and Karl tells Jim that Natasha is spreading his deadly news around and complains to Karyn, who confronts an ignorant Natasha. Karl defends Piper and Karyn and Natasha lay into her about what happened to her and the attack believing it was Piper’s fault. Piper storms out. Piper, the next day, realises she cant cope and tells Des. Natasha persuades Karyn to get the police involved, but Karyn refuses and talks to Tracy who isn’t interested in the slightest. Jim tries to reason with Natasha who remains adamant to receive the money from the couple. Natasha gives them a time and place to give the money or she’ll tell the police. Karyn lets Piper know that she is going to runaway with Jim to avoid Natasha and Karl persuades Piper to refuse the plan. Shelly secretly meets Harry to tell him to stop harassing Laura and to just leave with Amanda. Sam notices Laura feels fragile and vulnerable and Shelly warns him to not get too close right now. Amanda causes trouble for her family after revealing she’ll take Max with her abroad annoying Derek and Paula. Amanda feels let down by Harry and wants to get revenge on Laura so she vows to burn down her business and storm out. Amanda drinks at the bar. Jonny and Audrey hunt for lose Amanda and find her about to do the deed and manage to stop her and take her home on her own accord. The next morning, Amada vows to see Harry and on the way, finds the bar ruined and tells Jonny and Audrey she didn’t do it. Harry already knows and fumes at Amanda who protest her innocence. Karyn is in doubt over Karl’s’ thoughts of running away with Jim while Karl notices Eve on edge. Karyn vows to leave annoying Des and pleasing Piper. Jim bumps into Natasha and she threatens to call the cops. He tries to reason with Natasha who isn’t having any of it. In the spur of the moment, Jim attacks Natasha and attempts to kill her leaving her for dead. Natasha regains consciousness and manages to go to Jane’s in a bad state. Karyn is floored by Jim’s decision to not leave and the he sorted it. Jane tries to understand what happened to Natasha who refuse to comment. Karl wants to know why Karyn and Jim aren’t going away anymore. Karyn also ponders why, while Jane asks Karyn over Natasha’s attack. Karyn is shocked by what Jane said, and in defence, insults Jane In true Karyn style. Jim expresses innocence while Piper informs Des about Karyn and she’s obviously pleased. Piper is intrigued by the events and Karyn is led to believe Jim attacked Natasha and quizzes Jim. Amanda enforces the idea to leave with Harry and Laura interrupts annoying Amanda. Laura is feeling angry over the ruined bar and blames Harry. Laura and Harry talk to the police over the insurance and its not worth much leading Harry to reel at Amanda, still believing she was capable of doing it. Stella is also unhappy with Amanda and expresses her thoughts, and with Harry on Stella’s side. Laura pleads Harry for his share back, and realises he wont give it, she talks to Shelly. Shelly and Harry argue about the recent events as Harry didn’t take Shelly’s advice. This row raises questions towards Amanda. Amanda asks Harry about Shelly’s input-relevance. Harry ponders a future without Amanda. Karyn’s lack of concentration leaves Piper to believe that Karyn thinks that Jim attempted to kill Natasha. Natasha begs to stay with Jane while Piper doesn’t hesitate and goes straight to the police, but Karl tells her she lacks evidence. Jim takes Karyn’s mind of the attack by seducing her into bed. Piper makes it clear to Des that she will get Jim arrested and after some food for thought, decides to not act hastily as it threatens Karyn’s life too. Piper tries to gets answers from Natasha who remains silent and Jim admits he scared Natasha off, and Karyn accepts it, but remains still in doubt. Karl persuades Piper to forget about the plan to get Jim caught, so Piper annoyingly insults Jim and Karyn over their failed plan, Piper notices Natasha’s injury and realises she was hurt badly similarly to herself and it leads to a row ad Piper becomes suspicious. Marc tells Natasha and Jane that he’s leaving but his cheating is eventually exposed. Amanda is annoyed and warns Eve. Amanda and Laura face the music and go to the bar and there’s tension. Cilla is told by Tracey that Marc has left and that he was cheating on her with Elle. Cilla is reeling that Tracey knew and Elle storms off too. Amanda comforts Elle while Cilla learns that’s why Cylvia left. Piper pesters Natasha who plans to leave the valley for good after her brother just did. Eve lashes out at Karl and she feels the strain Amanda is undergoing. Jane and Natasha argue as Natasha is adamant to know where Marc left to. Karyn teases Piper by asking how her plan is going and Karyn is impressed as Natasha isn’t asking for money. Karyn tells Sam the good news and meets Bobby too. Jim also cant help but tease Piper. Eve admits she knew about Marc and Cilla and Elle is unhappy. Elle cant believe that Eve is trying to make Amanda the enemy when Eve admits that Amanda knew too. Tracey learns that Natasha has left and tells Cilla, who had hit the bottle and remains angry at Tracey. Piper and Karl let slip to Tracey and Ian about what happened to Natasha and Jim and Karyn awkwardly meet them and ignore the couple. Karyn meets Jane and asks where Natasha has been and learns she has left, injured. Piper tells Jim that he wont get away with it while Karl asks Claudia why Eve is acting peculiar. Karyn confides in Piper over Natasha while Piper attempts to contact Natasha. Jim and Karyn get frisky and Piper tells Tracey about Natasha’s departure. Tracey asks Jim for a chat and they end up talking about how things used to be and Karyn walks in demanding what’s going on. Karyn also learns that Des and Jeff are at odds. Stella is annoyed at Harry and Amanda’s attitude lately and tells them to make amends.  Amanda and Harry get talking and he believes Amada wasn’t responsible for the bar destruction. Laura faces a hard day at work as Harry bosses her about and chats about the old times. Laura tells Sam and Shelly that she’ll scrap the bar business leaving them startled. Shelly urges Harry to stay put because Laura is desperate and has no other options. Harry seems less enthusiastic about moving and decides to string Amanda along and is annoyed by Amanda’s persistence and hides his behaviour towards it. Shelly tells Laura that she spoke to Harry and will sort it out. Laura deals with Amanda and she talks to Sam and they are mocked by Harry who passes by. Laura finally has an office meeting with Harry and Harry tells her he will stay in the valley and make Amanda believe they have a future. Laura also finds out he has done this under the influence of Shelly and confronts her in her house. Amanda and Harry talk about their future and Amanda check up on Elle. Shelly apologises to Laura while Laura and Harry bicker over names of the bar now that he will stay in the valley. Laura praises Harry for stringing along Amanda and tells him that Shelly knows best and that staying in the valley would have indeed saved the bar business. Sam and Shelly give their opinion on Jim while Tracey lets Ian know about the Natasha and Jim situation. Piper wants Tracey to go to the police. Jim learns that Piper has spread the news about Natasha and he threatens her. Piper isn’t scared and brushes it off. Jim complains to Karyn and Karl, Eve and Piper go out to enjoy themselves. Tracey tries to make Karyn see sense and its hopeless. Tracey borrows some help from Sam to trick Jim into pressure as Sam works with law enforcement. Jim starts to panic believing Tracey has actually called the police and makes a run for it. Karyn realises Jim is guilty for Natasha’s attack and Piper and Karl come back also looking happy over Jim’s panic escape. Karyn is left upset and talks to Piper and tells her she was naive. Karyn asks what where the police came from and is annoyed that it was down to Tracey. Piper and Karl give Karyn time alone by booking a hotel and Karyn is upset and Karl is annoyed that Eve didn’t show up last night. Karyn  is floored by Jim’s appearance and tries to escape him. They end up rowing and Karyn is speechless as Jim blackmails Karyn over her previous crimes. Karyn feels sick and is forced to let Jim back into her life. Piper meets Natasha that day much to the surprise of Karl and Piper confirms that Natasha was attacked and also tells Karyn. Amanda begins to pack a bag to leave early. Shelly passes the bar and is left mortified over the bond between Harry and Laura. Harry is left shocked when Amanda confirms their leaving date and  Amanda talks to Jonny about her life with Harry. Shelly talks to Sam about Laura and Harry’s bond. Laura is left numb as Harry makes a pass at her. After the initial kiss, Harry proposes to reunite and Laura bites back and feels sick and used. Shelly bumps into Amanda who lets slip her plans to leave with Harry. Sam is reassured by Shelly that she hasn’t meddled with Laura and her business. Amanda thanks Jack and Stella for letting her stay and  also buds farewell to Claudia and Eve and Elle. Laura is sickened by Harry’s actions of not responding to Amanda’s calls and they argue. Laura is left confused after the pair snog passionately. Shelly has witnessed that kiss. Jim sees Natasha across the street and is left fearing his life in the valley. Natasha tells Piper to keep quiet while Piper is annoyed that Natasha is still believing that Jim cant get the upper hand somehow. Karyn continues to not cope and is seduced by Jim again. Karyn suddenly stops and slaps Jim and runs out. Natasha tells Karyn to leave Jim. Jim goes after Karyn who breaks down while Jim protests his innocence.. Natasha, having learnt what happened to Cilla, apologises to her on Marc’s behalf since Marc is not in the valley anymore. Karyn ends up in another row with Jim and then decides to talk to her estranged friend Tracey. Tracey is left speechless when she vows to leave Jim and Piper supports Natasha get on with her life and is get Jim caught. Karyn also learns that Jim also threatened Tracey. Piper tries to force the truth out of Jim so she tells Jim that Karyn knows what he did and she is waiting for a confession. Jim and Karyn are home alone and Karl has also warned Jim to stay away from him. Jim, in the showdown, confesses and Karyn is left relieved. When Karyn confronts Jim over his previous attempts to attack, Jim admits all and Karyn has had enough and vows to divorce him and throws her ring at him. Amanda cant wait to leave and organises the money by showing Harry the stash she had accumulated. Shelly struggles to keep Laura and Harry’s kiss sealed and tells Sam who reels over her involvement and Sam pouts the blame on her. Laura meets Harry and asks him what he’s going to do. Shelly is forced to explain everything so Shelly vows to tell Amanda Harry’s cruel plan. Sam prevents her from telling. Laura makes sure Harry knows that nothing will ever be the same if they get together. Shelly remains adamant to tell Amanda and Sam starts to believe that Shelly is jealous of Laura. Shelly denies it and reels at Sam for thinking such thing. Amanda plans to meet up with Harry by phone, and she waits for him and the meeting point. Shelly finds Amanda, having escaped Sam, and informs her of what Harry is planning. Amanda really struggles to take in the truth and the pair argue. Harry begs for another chance and Laura has enough and slaps him across his face just as Amanda bursts in. Amanda, faced with the truth, ends their relationship and flees home enraged. Laura is fuming that Shelly told Amanda. Harry chases Amanda and Stella is surprised  to see Amanda back so soon upset. A torn Jim begs at Karyn’s door and is desperate to klet himself back in and blames Natasha and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t get with Karyn. Karl is surprised as to how Piper is and she plans to celebrate Jim and Karyn’s divorce. Des supports Karyn who tell her to back off, and after Karyn feels bad when confiding in Tracey because she loves Jim so much and cant bare to lose him. After bickering, Karyn does the right thing and kicks’ Jim out the house while Piper and Karl watch on happily. Jim plans to leave later on that day and as he departs, Des reminds Karyn of the couple they became and Karyn stops the car and gives a last chance to Jim, much to the dismay of Karyn’s family. The next day, Piper has a huge go at Karyn for doing what she did. However Karyn avoids listening and is lovey-dovey with her hubbie Jim. Natasha reminds Jim that they aren’t even while Piper cant help but tell Tracey that Karyn took Jim back. Karyn is annoyed by her mother and Piper and Des are left speechless over the situation. Karl decides to move house and Piper agrees. Karyn tells Tracey that she wont change her mind about Jim as Tracey shows up at her doorstep. Amanda is fuming at Harry over the kiss while Amanda wants revenge and shows up at Harry’s house only to find Laura there. Amanda makes the decision to leave while Shelly and Sam’s marriage hit the rocks, and Shelly is angry that Harry will remain in the valley. Amanda makes it clear to Harry that its over while Jonny tells Claudia about Amanda’s decision to leave regardless. Amanda consoles in Derek meaning that Paula and Derek’s date is cancelled. Karyn tells Jim to calm down as he vows to leave the valley to move abroad and get out of her family’s way. Ian soon learns that Jim had threatened Jim and while Tracey told him not to act upon it, Ian pi9ns Jim up against a wall and warns him to back off. Des learns that Piper and Karl are moving house. Piper decides that they have made a rash decision and they decide to stay put for now. Tracey is annoyed how Ian acted hastily with Jim while Piper and Karl are shocked to learn that they are being kicked out of Karyn’s house. As Piper threatens to call the police and get Jim locked up, Karyn and Piper argue and she also sides with Jim and agrees that the couple should be kicked out. Shelly lets Harry into her house believing Sam is gone, and he teases her and assumes that she is jealous of Laura. Sam overhears and forcefully kicks Harry out. Sam is even more disappointed at Shelly. Laura, Sam, Shelly and Harry meet and as Sam belittles Shelly, Harry defends her. Laura can see how upset Shelly is, who sees Fiona and Sam enjoying each other’s company, and confronts them. Sam is annoyed and ignore Shelly making her life worse. Karl and Piper protest outside demanding to be let in, and Des invites them over instead, making Karyn feel guilty. Jim reassures her while Jim receives a shocking threat from Piper in the post. Not taking any chances, Jim disguises himself and plots to murder Piper, while Des visits Karyn and has it out with her and tells her she is married to a murderer. Karyn’s suspicions grow when an angry Jim comes back from attempting to kill Piper, and Karyn demands to know where he was. Jim, The next day, distracts Karyn by taking her out for a meal while Natasha complains to Jane about the trouble Marc has caused. Natasha is shocked to find Karyn wanting her from her, and Karyn explains how Jim was going to murder someone last night. Natasha takes no chances and warns Piper and Karl that Jim is out to kill someone. Karl, Claudia and Piper talk about Eve’s behaviour. Karyn decides to pack a bag in order to escape Jim while Natasha tells Karyn that she has warned Piper. Shelly sick at the sight of Laura and Harry having a laugh and tells Jack and Stella. Laura realises Harry wants to be a part of the business when Laura tells him her plans to buy him out. Laura decides to go to the bar while Harry checks up on Amanda, who instantly kicks him out, even after wanting to get back together. Stella is annoyed over Laura’s actions with Harry and it winds Laura up, who bites back at Stella and tells her she’s jealous that she didn’t get a share of the bar before. Shelly is unable to talk to an ignorant Sam, so has a chat with Harry. Piper emphasises that Jim is out to kill someone when talking to Karyn, who feels all sorts of emotions. Piper and Natasha decide that they are the ones that can stop Jim. Des is against Piper going against Jim and points out he’s capable of a lot of things, so Karl agrees with Des on this occasion. Shelly and Laura meet up and she learns that Harry refused to accept Laura’s offer. Sam and Shelly’s relationship continues to break while Shelly reels at Harry for his rejection. Sam notices there argument and isn’t happy with Shelly. Sam decides to talk to Becca who tells him that Shelly is only trying to defend Laura. Shelly tells Jack how Harry is trying to cause trouble for Laura. Amanda overhears Harry telling someone that he believes Amanda Damaged the bar. Jonny realises Amanda is at breaking point and she storm out vowing to kill Harry. Paula supports Sam who feels low. Karl and Piper argue over Jim, and when Piper refuses to go out, he learns that Piper is actually scared of Jim and was putting on a façade till his inevitable leave with Karyn. Des is outraged that Piper and Natasha aren’t going to the police, and Des sees Jim and threatens him to stay away from her family. Jim makes it clear he is apart of her family now. Karl threatens to leave Piper as she has plans to take on Jim while Piper learns that Des came across Jim and threatened him ,and isn’t happy. Des wants to focus on the positive and invites everyone for Christmas, while Jeff flirts with Helen, and Charlene sees this. Jeff makes sure that Charlene stays quiet. Becca believes that Shelly is too caught up in Laura’s problems and tells her to back off from Laura. Jim is annoyed by the evil looks Des gives Jim and tells Karyn. Karyn tells Des to stop being stupid leading to another row. Jim becomes more suspicious of Karyn and is worried that she is aware of his actions the night he tried to kill Piper. Karyn is left shocked when Jim packs her a bag to go on holiday. Karyn acts pleased and checks’ into the local hotel. Samantha and Shelly advises Eileen to have a hen party. Nik is reeling upon learning from Charlene that Jeff flirted with Helen. Nik tells Jeff to behave while Eileen struggles to enjoy her hen party with Samantha and Shelly. Piper realise that confronting Jim was a bad idea and Piper goes around to see Jim. Piper asks for Karyn. Jim claims she is abroad and Piper messages Karyn that she is heading to the police believing Karyn is in trouble. Piper and Jim have it out and are shocked by Karyn’s return. Jim instantly realises that Karyn knew about his attempt to kill Piper. On Eileen’s wedding day, Nik tells Jeff to forget about his flirting and to behave himself while Des and Eileen plan for the big day and get ready. Des overhears Jeff and Nik’s chat and isn’t happy. Eric is taken to hospital after Eileen fears the worst leaving Nik at the alter. As guests leave, Eileen makes it and the pair marry. Des asks questions to Jeff and he lies annoying her, and Des decides to befriend Helen out of spite. Imelda shows her support to Des while Sam is annoyed that Lilly wants to spend Christmas with Fiona as opposed to him. Nik tells Charlene that Des and Helen are getting on. Laura struggles to cope at work and decides to drink.. Shelly takes matters into her own hands and confronts Harry. In a shock twist, Harry toys with Shelly’s emotions revealing he loves her dearly and Shelly is annoyed and cant believe his words. Laura flirts around much to the dismay of Shelly. Shelly and Sam still remain on the silent treatment. Shelly tells a drunken Laura to get a grip. Shelly listens to Laura saying she hopes she can get with Harry to make her life easier and Shelly tells Laura to take control. With Laura so deluded, Shelly reveals that Harry claimed he loves her instead of anyone else. Laura totters after Shelly at the bar where the pair have a row .Sam finds them and a drunken Laura blurts out Shelly’s claim regarding Harry. Sam doesn’t hesitate but to spend Christmas with Fiona and Lilly. Laura and Harry talk which turns into another kiss, as Imelda listens to Shelly going on about how her and Sam cant have what Fiona and Sam share. Tracey stops Cilla reaching the bottle of wine as Cilla calms down with the help from Liz and Tracey. Tracey and Ian both see Marc during different times of the day and Ian interrogates him and they have a long chat. Ian tells Marc that he has caused so much destruction and Tracey and Ian both want to tell each other that they’ve seen Marc. Ian and Marc decide to keep secret that it was all down to Amanda and Harry. A row breaks out when Cilla spots Elle and Marc chatting. Cylvia vows to return in time for Christmas while  Marc comes clean to Cilla about cheating and Cilla is very understanding only to get another chance with him, however he decides to end the relationship completely. Tracey and Ian come home to find a devastated Cilla. Jim and Karyn are left alone and Jim tells Karyn he knows what she knows. Piper and Karl visit Eileen and Nik while Jim begs for another chance. Karyn gets Piper to call the police, however Karyn is taken into Jim and decides to fob off the police leaving Piper unable to comprehend what just happened. Piper knows that Karyn is up to something and talks to Natasha. Piper tells Tracey what’s recently happened to Karyn and Jim. Karyn makes sure that Jim knows she has forgiven him.

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