Elsie's romance with Neil Storyline

Daughter of dead Bridget and Daryl McCullough, Elsie moved on in her life and growing fond of Larrie (her uncle), letting him move in after he broke up with wife Samantha. Elsie be-friended charming Neil Slater, who was the estranged son of Bill and Jane. She was very good to him and treated him like a good friend. He was a lodger at the time. Elsie's mate Marya also gets to know Neil, so she end up kissing him and starting a relationship with him on Elsie's hen do. Elsie, at this point, was set to marry fiancé Tommy Canning soon. One night she felt another connection with Neil and they both ended up kissing leaving them confused. They had an affair, making him leave Marya. Marya also began disliking the couple after Neil breaks up with her. Their sneaky affair is soon exposed when Elsie acts strange towards Tommy on their wedding day. In confusion, she kisses Neil on her big day, which Tommy and his family sees, as well as Marya. Soon Elsie and Neil begin a relationship of the affair and Neil proposes. Elsie's uncle Larrie had already attacked his wife Samantha and was tense over that period after their break-up. He was previously engaged to Tracey Jones as well after his break-up with Samantha. He was constantly reminded of what a slag Elsie had been by Tommy's mother Deena. Larrie tried to ignore it, though it bugged him a lot and she mentioned how Elsie's only family was him, and that Larrie hadn't been pulling his weight. After a terrible day, Larrie violently attacks Deena, leaving her for dead. The sudden death leaves the Canning’s heart broken and in despair. Elsie and Neil were engaged soon and set to marry, though Neil's mother Jane wasn't buying the relationship after Larrie's attack on Deena. It was soon made clear that Larrie killed Deena. In a few weeks, Elsie reveals she's pregnant, which was appreciated by Larrie, but when she revealed it to Neil, he wasn't so happy and the couple argued. Over nights of tense arguments, Larrie decides to defend Elsie as Neil wanted to leave her. Larrie persuaded him not to. This leads to an argument, which turns into violence and Larrie performs his attack on Neil. The attack leaves Neil dead. In astonishment, Elsie grows to hate his Uncle Larrie and Elsie's mum-in-law Jane who also begins hating the McCullough’s. Elsie soon gives birth to Neil Slater Junior, which forces Jane to move in with her dreaded daughter-in-law Elsie. Their bond becomes friendlier and they reconcile and put the past behind. Jane continues to despise Larrie over her son's death and threatens him to the police after his murders. Months after, Larrie threatens Jane and attacks her, though she survives like Tracey, Elle and Samantha. He also gets his lover Karyn to shoot Jane, which fails, so he tries doing it. Karyn does manage to persuade him not to. After the death of Neil, Larrie briefly dated Tommy's aunt Chleo Canning, but she soon dies, leaving Larrie in his predictable state.

Elle's Storyline'sEdit

Elle, the daughter of Claudia and an unknown father was put through agony after she found out she was pregnant with her Ex-step-dad. She had a shocking offscreen relationship with Fred Leighton, her former step-dad. Her mum had clearly dissaproved of the baby and an abortion leaving her to dispise her daughter Elle. Fred had fallen for Rachel Foster, the aunt of Neil Slater, after Elle broke up with Fred. After the birth, Elle hated herself for breaking up with Fred, since no-one else was supporting Elle's son Daryl. Elle was unhappy and therefore neglected her baby. This lead to a shocking death of her son Daryl. Claudia wasn't happy with the situation and argued with her. Elle had to move in with her mum and her new step-dad after her mum re-married. Elle had also ruined the atmosphere of Claudia's wedding, making her mum hate her even more.Elle was dreaded by the loss of Daryl ,she took conception pills and after her life kept falling apart. Elle tried commiting suicide and was saved by Samantha McCullough (now Foster). Elle stayed with Samantha for a month or so, then persuaded her Ex Fred to let her move in. Elle ,instead, grew jealous of his new Girlfriend and argued with her alot, also was a burden upon their relationship. Fred proposed to Rachel after an large argument with Elle, making her even more jealous. She move in with her grandad after staying at Samantha's temporarily as she didn't want to face her mother again. Elle also planned to try to ruin Fred's wedding in early November 2011. She also began dating Sean McAlpherne later that year, who proposed to her in December. Sean embarked on a fling with Elle's step-sister Eve Cole and Elle found out and left him at the alter. She reconciled with Sean and they married the following May. Sean embarked on being a criminal hitman in following years unknown to Elle. His involvemenst included supplying dodgy deals to Derek and Arnold and posing as the hitman who ran over Marya Connor's husband Trevor Connor. Fred Leighton cheats on Rachel with Elle's aunt Paula Leighton, who he has no idea she was a Leighton. Elle's marriage to Sean crumbled when they spoke about having kids. He later got murdered by Tony Gordon after he cheated on Elle with her aunt Amanda, and impregnated her

Serial Murderer Larrie McCulloughEdit

Being the most controversial characters of Sunset Valley, Larrie got his fair share of heart raising plots. His anguish attitude evolved from his brief marriage to Samantha Brown into a relationship with Tracey Jones which is where it all started. Larrie was due to commence a storyline revolving him attacking his own wife in an abusive domestic violence storyline which ran only months into his marriage with Samantha. In July, Samantha demanded him out the house and stuck up for herself leaving her devastated and injured. Larrie consoled with Tracey following his divorce making it sound like he was the bad guy to Tracey. With Tracey's husband now dead, she eloped in a relationship with Larrie. Nethertheless, his new girlfriend Tracey would soon begin an affair with Ex-husband Ian Jones. Tracey refused Larrie's first Proposal and agreed to marry him upon his second proposal, though on his stag-do, Tracey was caught kissing Ian. When Tracey opened up about her brief affair, Larrie snapped and performed his attack on fiancée Tracey. His attacks became more livid and he set the house alight in the hope of killing Tracey, however it didn't and Ian came to the rescue only to fight Larrie. Larrie got away with the mess he caused and moved in with Elsie, his niece. He was in so much depression; he lost control and in the process, attacked Elle who was later comforted by Samantha

When Elsie married Neil, Larrie didn’t know how he was and upon finding out months into her marriage that he wanted Elsie to not have a baby, Larrie wasn't keen on his new nephew-in-law. Neil continued threatening leaving and so on, leaving Larrie to have word with him. This turned violent and resulted in his death. Larrie had taken a life. Along the feud, Larrie was continually frowned upon by Elsie's Ex-fiancé’s mother Deena who disapproved of the McCullough’s and she annoyed him. This anguish leads to her death by Larrie when she came to settle things.

As more people got suspicious with the common deaths, Police were on to Larrie and so was Elsie. The death of Neil caused yet again another feud with Neil's mum Jane who also wasn't sure of Larrie. Jane's mum also wasn't coping with the death of grandson Neil too. Larrie moved out trading houses with Nicholas Stephenson.

Karyn was a new twist to Larrie's life before he started dating Chleo Canning (Deena's sister-in-law). Chleo's sudden death in November continued spurring Larrie and Larrie was not coping very well. Karyn tried helping and kept failing until he came to his senses and let her help him. In January, Larrie got Karyn to do his dirty work such as annoying Jane Slater and taunting her mother Gloria who was engaged to Nicholas's dad Jeff. Karyn had decided to move in with Larrie as she lied to husband saying it was a part of her new job. After Larrie was impressed with Karyn, he decided to make a move on Karyn leading to Karyn's affair with Larrie. The affair was short-lived upon finding out Gloria had committed suicide. Jane continued blaming Larrie leading him to tell Karyn to do one dirtier piece of work which was to shoot Jane with the gun he provided her with. Karyn was forced to do so and she tried to but instead ended up telling her to stay safe. Larrie's intimidation persuaded Karyn to lie stating she did kill Jane, but this was proven false when he went to see Elsie. Larrie was so angry and did not trust Karyn after. Larrie told Karyn stay put when Sam demanded Karyn come back after it’s two months since she left her home. Karyn grew concerned and in March Larrie faced Tracey again and threatened to attack her. Following it all, Larrie trapped Karyn and soon Piper in one of the bedrooms Sam came to the rescue and fought Larrie. Sam lost and went to call help. Piper (Karyn’s adoptive sister) escapes as Karyn has a showdown with Larrie. Karyn is then attacked violently and she calls the police. Larrie's gas tank had been left on meaning any light would trigger an explosion. Fortunately, Karyn grabbed the gun left on the table and shoots Larrie before the house explodes leaving Karyn injured and Larrie dead. The aftermath of his death, Karyn faced more tension with husband Sam and she leaks her affair with friend Suzanna Gordon which is soon exposed later that year leading to her divorce and getting pregnant and losing Piper's trust after she also shoots Suzanna in May.

Harry causes trouble for Karyn, Laura, Shelly and SamEdit

Barry and Jane

Barry and Jane sleep with eachother

Karl Cole and Piper Jones

Karl annoys Piper before her wedding

Shelly & Harry

Shelly with Ex Harry

Harry Ursine and Laura

Harry flirts with Laura

Terry and Charlene

Terry with friend Charlene

Cathlene and Ian

Cath and Ian

Imelda and Shelly

Shelly with mother Imelda

Terry and Karyn

Karyn goes back to usual ways insulting Terry

Eileen, John & Samantha

Eileen,Eric,John and Samantha

Jeff and Charlene

Jeff & Charlene

Claudia, Tracey and Paula

Claudia, Tracey and Paula

Clare, Andy and Tracey

Clare, Andy and Tracey

Ian tries to kiss Tracey

Ian and Tracey

John and Eileen

John and Eileen

Karl and Paula

Karl with sister-in-law Paula

Barry and Laura

Barry with sister Laura

Sam, Shelly and Bobby

Sam and girlfriend Shelly with son Bobby

Piper and Terry

Terry Canning with Piper Jones

Lydia, Ian and Becca

Sisters Lydia and Becca with Ian

Helen and Jeff

Couple Jeff and Helen

Ellie and Liz

Liz and Ellie

Karyn and Derek

Karyn Edington and Derek Callister

Liz and Jane

Liz and Jane

Shelly & Sam

Shelly wants Sam again

Karl and Piper

Karl and Piper rekindle

Clare, Paula and Barry

Paula and Barry

When Harry arrives in the valley unwelcomed by Jack and Stella, Harry begins to get the impression he is no longer wanted by his family. Harry persuades Jack to let him stay much to Stella's dismay. Shelly meets Harry in shock as he is her Ex-husband. Shelly frets over it and causes concern for Sam. Harry is popular with the girls and is flirted by Samantha and Laura for fun. Laura befriends Harry concerning Shelly who is Laura's mate. Harry and Shelly talk about the past and it reveals he used to harass and taunt Shelly when they were married to their divorce 5 years ago. Harry isn’t popular with Sam who threatens to stay away. Harry however continues to cause annoyance to Shelly leaving her to drink a lot at the bar neglecting Sam who was struggling to keep daughter Alicia out of trouble. Alicia was being led astray by Derek, Karyn's ex-boyfriend as Derek wanted revenge on Karyn for stringing him along to get closer to Ex-husband Sam. Shelly's behaviour spiralled into getting drunk often and was supported by an unlikely Harry, who tries to kiss her and mentions their past. Shelly panics and rushes home causing a scene in front of the police and Sam as Alicia was set to be taken into care. Sam and Shelly's relationship hits the rocks and Laura gets closer to Harry and they share a kiss in front of Laura's husband Nicholas (Nik). Laura confides in Shelly and Shelly tells Becca about Harry who made a pass at her. Laura tells Harry to back off and so does Shelly. Harry continues to support Laura whose marriage was failing and spots Nik kiss Ex Eileen. Harry informs Laura who disregards it, however begins to believe him and they sleep with each other. Following their intimacy, Harry pays Laura accusing her of being a prostitute. Harry tells John (Eileen' Ex), who considers a prostitute and is shocked when Laura his friend arrives, however Laura didn’t know about the escorting and John then believes she really isn’t an escort. Nik grows concerned for Laura after spotting her with Harry a lot and rekindles the affair with Eileen. Shelly and Sam grow concerned when Harry befriends Karyn. Shelly wonders and questions Karyn a lot Both Harry and Karyn use their friendship against Shelly while Laura tells Shelly about Harry and what’s he been up to. When Karyn learns from Tracey that Becca told her Harry made a pass at Shelly, Karyn uses it as an advantage to blackmail Shelly. Harry supports Karyn and learns of Karyn's history with Sam and taunts Shelly. Shelly tells Karyn to not say anything as she is stressed, however the fact Harry knew makes Shelly feel uneasy, so Shelly and Sam persuade Jim that his new love Karyn is bad and Jim dumps her. Stella encourages Jim to give Harry a job. A curious Karyn blames Shelly and exposes her kiss. Harry realises a bond between his rich dad Jack and Karyn and proposes a plan to scam Jack so they become wealthy. Harry promises to threaten John on the basis he can sleep with Laura, and they just get close. Laura isn’t happy when she doesn’t get what she bargained for with Harry's threat so tells John to move out so Eileen can move back instead of living with Nik. Karyn accepts the plan while Jim and Karyn argue and Harry annoys Jim leading him to get sacked by him. Harry tells Karyn to tell Jack to buy into the bistro so Karyn can go into business with him and Jack considers it. Karyn tries hard but Jack refuses later. Jack gets Karyn to buy into the bistro first which Karyn can’t afford so Harry gets her to sponge of Sam and Jim. Harry threatens Jim, leaving Karyn to console in him and they get close again. Harry pushes the idea towards Stella and Jack while Karyn learns Stella is with Jack for the money, so tells Harry. Harry threatens to expose her secret if she doesn’t get Jack to invest. Jack is annoyed by Stella and Harry persuades it. Jack thinks Harry is up to something and threatens to call the cops. Karyn backs out the scam to be with Jim however Harry takes it badly and knocks her out. Harry interrogates her and make her responsible while Jim fears the worst when Karyn doesn’t' arrive for their date. Harry taunts Jim as he confides in Sam about Karyn concerning him and not so much Shelly. Sam questions Jack, who questions Harry. Harry cooks up a plan with Karyn and they argue. Shelly is shocked when Harry opens to her about Karyn's whereabouts so Shelly informs Sam. Sam and Jim rush to the scene before the shack explodes into flames. Harry threatens Karyn to keep shut while Sam and Jim fear the worst. Harry hits Karyn’s when she disagrees and before Harry could do anything, Sam and Jim rush to support her as Harry flees the scene.
Eileen, Tony with Samantha

Sisters-in-law Eileen and Samantha with Tony

Liz and Jack

Jack and Liz

Karyn suspects Harry is Jim's stalker and confronts him and recieves a death threat if she goes to the police. Karyn immediately vows to leave the valley with Jim, causing trouble for Sam too. Karyn stays put as Jim's stalker gets s
Carla, Marya and Charlene Connor

The Connor sisters

erious. Jack plans to leave as Stella gets on his nerves and packs away his lose money and card, which Harry steals. Karyn sees and Harry threatens her and Jim fears that its Harry being his stalker. Jim gets drunk alot, so Karyn aks Harry if he playing around with Jim, and he says no. Karyn confides in Sam and tells Shelly that Harry took Jack's money, Karyn gets Shelly to interroagate him, but she bows and out, however sees a saddened Stella at the bar and decides to go ahead with Karyn's plan. Jack seeks advice from Liz while Harry talks to John about Laura and family. Harry scares off Shelly when she interrogates him and confides in Sam. Karyn realises what he done and finds out Harry knows what she is up to, and sees Harry flogging Jack's goods. Karyn sympathises with Jack and her and Jim buy back his car also making a profit and putting a line under Jac and Karyn's short-lived feud- this annoyed Harry, who continues to defend Laura against Nik.Harry finally considers leaving the valley asking Laura to join him. Harry packs and celebrates with Laura at the pub while Karyn gets Shelly to confront him which causes trouble for Laura and Harry. Stella talks to Claudia before taking a break from her engagement with Jack causing annoyance for Audrey, on top of that, they face finacial troubles leading Stella to tell Audrey to pay rent and get a job. Jack asks Derek to lodge and he considers while Karyn tries controlling Shelly, and the next day Karyn pressues her as Jim stalking starts affecting his job and life.Shelly feels under strain by Karyn and Derek who annoyed her and Sam , so lashes back at Karyn. Shelly finally persuades Laura that Harry is bad news, til Harry arrives and Laura is again stuck in the middle. Cath disputes with Ian as he is over controlling leading her to runaway, leaving Ian to recocile with Tracey. Harry feels threatened by Karyn and Shelly and plans to act upon it while Laura suffers when Harry post-pones their flight away, and she talks to Shelly. As Jim drowns his sorrows at the bar, he finds his stalker who is Cath and chases her home, while Karyn is confronted by Harry and kidnapped at put at the Jones house, while Jim finds them two inside intending to catch Cath, however Harry attacks Jim and shoves him upstairs and ties Karyn up.Cath finds Jim and they have a showdown leaving Cath to knock out Jim, and fretts what to do. Shelly finds Harry outside the house and they argue, and she falls into his trap and Harry locks her up too, while Jim awakens and Cath reveals all and how Cath was jealous of Karyn and started stalking him leading Jim to knock out his dangerous wife out cold .Tracey and Ian grow close and Harry explains why he has done this. He sets the place ablaze and Ian finds his house on fire and rescues Karyn and Jim, while Harry and Shelly have a showdown. Cath gets up and is perished in the fire before it explodes and Harry runaway, leaving the rest injured and neighbours fearing the worst. Jim starts hating Ian concerning Tracey who wants answers and Karyn and Tracey are shocked when Jim refuses to have a funeral for Cath. Jim attacks Ian and Laura fears the worst and stays with the Ursines.Shelly continues to tell Laura to see sense.Jim threatens Jack and Karyn apologises for his behavior which gets worse
Stella, Laura and Nicholas
, however things get better and the couple make amends since they had many rows before the fire including him declaring his love to Cath. Laura finally decides to eat humble pie, but feels Harry still loved her.Tracey and Ian focus on rebuilding the house while Karyn stops Jim lashing out on Ian. When Jack and Audrey find a stash of Jack's money, Stella spends some of it causing more problems. Jim and Karyn decide to move forward and buy a house, while Ian suggest Jack to give him some of the money for the burnt house.Laura finally divorces Nik, much to Eileen's delight. Jim learns that Ian was offered money and is fuming at Jack. Karyn wants to make things better so buys her mum's house of her so she and Jim can inhabit it; Piper also joins much to Karyn's dismay. Annoyed to see Tracey and Ian make good progress, Jim locks Tracey and tells her the truth about Ian and Cath, and Tracey struggles to believe it, but eventually puts two and two together. Jim persuades her to act upon it, but she considers as they have made plans to renovate the house.Sam realises he can start work again and excites Laura and tells Shelly. When they celebrate, Shelly recieves a message from Harry suggesting he will return to the valley, leaving her to neglect Sam. When Shelly plays up, Imelda suggests to Sam to propose to her, but Sam reconsiders. Shelly and Laura argue confusing Sam who aks Barry (Laura's brother) to help. When Sam sees Barry and Laura clash, he offers Laura her job back, and Laura tells Jack. Laura wants to celebrate and organises a party, while Jack and Greg fight over Liz annoying Stella who later dumps him, and so Jack spends the night with Liz. Shelly fretts over the message and confides in Jack.Sam looks for wedding rings with Steve. Sam and Shelly gro close while Imelda finds out from Jack about Shelly's message and Imelda confronts her in front of Laura and Sam. Laura asks Jack and is reeling that he knew too. While Shelly tells Sam to ignore the outburst at the bar to celebrate the job, Laura comes too and yells at Shelly. Harry finds himself in the bar too where Sam attempts to arrest him, but he gets away. Laura is left reeling at Shelly, while Jack is taunted by a quizzing Shelly. Shelly confides in Sam and apologises to him while Stella and Audrey learn about Harry.Laura suggests Harry moving in, which Jack hates and thinks Laura is being nieve to let him back in her life, also suggested by Shelly, who lets Tracey know. Jack meets Harry and after alot of persuation Jack makes a deal to bail him out. The next day after the meeting Harry and Jack return home at eachothers odds and speak to the poilce. Audrey chucks out Jack's bags as Jack plans to move in with Liz. Laura drinks at the bar where she tells Shelly about Harry. Shelly is reeling and complains to Stella while Harry messes about with Sam. Shelly tells Harry to leave and he goes to the bar attempting to make conversation with a ignorant Laura. In annoyance, Laura demands answers for what he done, and Harry promises he will change. Karyn learns about Harry's bail out and tells Ian who tells Tracey, who stops paying for the house repairs in revenge for his involvement with Cath. Ian realises Jim only knows and confronts Him and threatens him. Karyn teases Sam over his mis-trust towards Shelly. Karyn and Tracey argue as Ian remains reeling at Jim. Ian gets insurance and wants more and Tracey is shocked as he plans to demand it from Harry and stops him.Ian begs Tracey to come home again, while Karyn tries putting an end to the boys' feud. When Karyn and Sam argue over Bobby, Karyn makes a remark at Shelly leading Shelly to take her anger on her enemy. Sam is confronted by Harry who openly admits to have messaged Shelly, while Imleda confides in Jack.Sam blames Jack for bailing Harry out, leaving Shelly and Sam is despair. Harry learns from Sam about Ian and locks the door and threatens Ian to silemce him. Ian gets injured while working at the house and Cilla finds him and Tracey is worried that he may have got lashed. Jim dis-encourages Tracey to empathise with Ian as he Ian previosly wanted her to move back, leading Tracey to accuse Jim of hitting Ian. Karyn tries talking sense into Tracey while Tracey confides in Ian and asks for the truth, before Jim and Karyn enter leading to an argument. Ian lies and claims Harry did this, leaving Karyn adament to act upon it.When Ian hints that all of this was down to Karyn, Tracey complains to Jim who tells Karyn. Karyn and Tracey argue over it while Jim threts Ian. Ian then decides to move back into the house and asks Tracey to. Jim is angry that Ian may covince Tracey that he is innocent and backmails Tracey by threatening to report Ian to Harry. Tracey is outraged and slaps Jim leading Karyn to defend Jim. Ian blames Tracey for this outcome of arguments and belives she wont come back. Shelly pushes away Harry, however she lets him in her house and he expreses his emotions and convinces himself that he has changed. Imelda questions Shelly and finds Sam with a engagemnt ring on the table whcih he bought online.Harry tries talking to Laura while Shelly confides in Piper and Becca. Shelly tells Harry to leave as he persuades her he has changed while Harry defends Laura from Nik. Sam gets ready with Imelda to propose while Laura splits with Harry as she is annoyed over her row with Nik.John comforts Harry while Harry steals Sam's ring and tells Shelly to meet him at the bistro. Harry struggles to make amends with Laura and meets Shelly where he proposes. Shelly is flawed and explains they will never be together. She recieves a call from Sam and they meets where Sam also proposes in front of Laura and Imelda. After Shelly agrees, she smuggley tells Harry she knew he stole the ring and tells him to keep it. Cilla tells Tracey not to listen to Jim as Ian wants Tracey to move back in. Jim is reeling when Tracey agrees and when Karyn arrives, he gets her on his side. Jim finds out about  Sam's engagement and congradulates them with Karyn, and tells he that Tracey made a big mistake. Ian finds Laura and they dont get along due to the circumstances.As Tracey and Ian move back in, Jim warns Tracey again and has a confrontation with Ian leaving Jim to confide in Harry at the shack about Ian's reporting to the police about him. Jim calls the police on Ian and Tracey and a confused Ian finds out it was Jim and threatens him. Harry congradulates Sam and Shelly who tease him on his split with Laura. Harry realises he needs Laura while Ian tells Tracey about Jim calling the police, leading to an arguement. Harry threatens Ian while Jim is angrily confronted by Ian who blames him for Harry's threat. Jim talks sense into Harry who threatens Tracey too, but she asserts herself. Ian and Tracey row over what happened and she claims to be stucj in the middle. Jim explaisn himeslf to Sam and Shelly while Tracey has a massive row with Karyn over Jim's games. Ian stops Tracey going to the police while Karyn takes Jim side against Tracey and Ian as they bicker. Harry chats to Jack and then explains how he's a changed man. Harry quizzes Shelly on her love for Sam while Tracey wants to know what Jim and Ian are arguing about. Tracey decides to make amends with mate Karyn while Karyn supports Piper.Tracey and Ian find Jim at the graveyard mourning Cath confusing the couple. Both Karyn and Tracey are tired as Ian and Jim continue to spark problems.Tracey confides in Karyn, whose influenced by Tracey's re-decouraion and renovates her house only to find that Jim has stashed Cath's stalking goods. Jim tries explaining but Karyn realises he cant justify what he did and bins the junk as Jim mourns Cath. Tracey follows him and wants answers.Piper finds Jim at Cath's house and consoles him. As Ian's house gets refurbished, him and Tracey get closer while Tracey tries apologising for the arguement. Ian and Jim's feud escalates as Tracey brings Jim home while Tracey thanks Cilla for letting them stay.Ian tells her to not worry about Harry  while Shelly is annoyed at Jack for bailing out Harry. Harry tries prokoving Jim much to Karyn's annoyance as Sam and Shelly go ring shopping confusing Becca and Steve. Sam learns from Paula that Amanda is still alive.Shelly and Laura get along as she is no longer with Harry and Shelly pushes away Harry as he attempts to talk round Laura. Sam is reeling as Harry insults Jim in front of Karyn and yells at him. The row annoys Shelly who tell Karyn to look after herself and calls her a tart.Karyn's questioning to Jim leaves Jim annoyed while Piper is angry that Karyn is going to confront Harry leading to an arguement. Piper and Karyn come to blows and Karyn confides in Tracey however Jim is reeling as Karyn confirms to visit them on christmas, before he learns of Karyn's deadly secret via Piper. When Karyn keeps are questions to Jim, he thinks its down to Ian and has words secretly with him. Tracey and Karyn worry as Jim downs his sorrows in booze while Karyn questions Piper on his behavior. Towards Christmas, Laura is left lonely after seeing Nik and Eileen together and Sam and Shelly console her while Harry makes christmas plans with an ignorant Stella. Laura drinks at the bar celebrating with Shelly and Sam and spills to Shelly how much she loves him. Shelly insists in getting in the car with Laura to stop her seeing Harry, however when they get there, Laura and Harry kiss and Laura falls out with Shelly. Piper is concerned as Jim mourns Cath while Karyn worries about Jim with Tracey and Ian. When Karyn returns home, she finds one of Cath's ornaments and questions him. Jim and Karyn row alot and Jim decides to confess to have killed Cath. Karyn vows to leave after a showdown, but Jim blackmails her over her shootings. Karyn meets Jim in the middle and they rekindle. The next day, Karyn is still relling over the revelation while Jim calms her down and tells Tracey aand Ian that they will come for x-mas to make Karyn happy. Karyn drowns her sorrows and cant face Tracey and Ian and Jim secures her. Karyn and Piper argue when she finds out Piper is asking for more bribe money for her to leave. Laura and Harry spend Christmas with Stella, Audrey and Helen and Liz and Claudia visit too. Shelly arrives later and Harry taunts her causing a argument with Laura and Shelly. After Harry and Shelly argue abut the proposal which Laura hears and questions. Shelly tries silencing Laura so she doesnt tell Sam whcih Laura concludes that he did propose to Shelly beforehand. Harry continues to deny it and their relationship hits the rock. Stella tells Harry to be careful.Sam and Shelly enjoy Christmas together and reel about Laure being with Harry, Paula and Derek visit and Derek clashes with Sam and talks to Amanda who vows to expose thier one night stand, she later reveals she is leaving ,but doesnt and decides to attend her sister's wedding.Shelly confides in Imleda after a row with Laura beleiving she cant stop Laura from beleiving the proposal while Laura tells Sam. Sam doesnt beilieve it and celebrates at Karl's stag night.Laura find Harry and Shelly arguing and tells Shelly what she did, which annoys Shelly. Harry teases Sam about the proposal when Sam mearly confronts him. Sam starts beleiving Laura was right as Shelly tries manipulating Laura. Laura then confides in a drunken and sad Sam and they grow close and sleep with eachother. Meanwhile Jim encourages Karyn as they visit the Jones. When Karyn feels overhelmed by the new looking House, she annoys Cilla and Tracey confides in her. Jim visits the room Cath died and Tracey wonders why he is there. Karyn feels oppressed and confides In Ian.Karyn informs Caludia where Piper is as Claudia wants her bribery money back. Shelly is reeling as Sam is beaten by Harry's threats while Imelda host a new years party at the pub. Sam and Shelly are bothered by Fiona and Shelly taunts Karyn on her experience at the Jones house.Shelly and Harry privately talk and Harry teases Sam over Shelly's lies leaving Sam to console in Laura, however the pair get close again and kiss. Harry persuades Shelly to slow down with wedding plans and warns Sam. Sam feels uncomfortable as Shelly sets when they want their wedding. Sam is worried that he and Laura will get caught by Stella and vows to take a break. Laura annoys Harry by acting uncomfortable while Sam questions Shelly about Harry. Whe she doesn't confess to the proposal he is upset and confides in Laura and they get close confusing Laura. Sam find Amanda and he decides to ignore her, but cannot. Karyn feels the trouble she is in is down to Piper and consoles in her mother. Jim sets Tracey to extract Karyn's feeling and Karyn finds out and rows with Jim. Jim is sick and tired so threatens her again. Karyn ignores Jim and gets Desiree to kick Piper out which doesnt work. Jim talks to Sam and Tracey as Karyn packs her bags. Wanting to know whats up, Tracey visits Karyn only to find out she's packed a bag. Karyn explains she needs to leave while Jim and Ian try sort their problems out. Jim returns home to find a stunned Piper and Desiree. Jim is reeling with Piper and Desiree and soon learns that Tracey knew and confronts her, in the process his angry side comes out and so he calms himself at the bar trying to contact Karyn he so desperately needs. Fiona tells Sam why he shouldn't marry Shelly making Imelda feel like Shelly needs to try harder. Laura keeps seeing Harry to make the affair less suspicious while Sam is annoyed with Shelly's big plans leaving him consoling and getting close to Laura. Harry supports Laura when she visits Jeff while Shelly explains she is worried.Laura questions her relationship with Harry. Shelly and Becca looks at wedding dresses and Laura cant help but look smug, which annoys Sam, who has a word with Laura. Laura is still reeling over his wedding and Sam then decides to stop their affair. Laura consoles in John and is bothered by Harry who teases Sam. Sam talks to Fiona concerning Imleda while Laura and Sam talk and end up in bed together. Shelly gossips with Becca and Piper. Imelda finds Fiona talking to Sam and later accuses him of cheating. Sam is shocked and tells Shelly who yells at Imelda. Sam is jealous as Harry and Laura smooch at the bar while Laura questions his cheating. Shelly, after Laura made snide comments to her, thanks Laura for not telling Sam about Harry's proposal accusation and she feels guilty. Laura and Sam discuss their feelings ang kiss, while Shelly feels unsure about what Harry knows. Laura shows nervous signs when Harry and John talk. Harry learns how Ian and Tracey are dealing via John as Laura and Sam spend a romatic time at the coast. Jack seems impressed by Harry character change.Harry asks John how to please Laura while Laura and Sam talk. She gets rid of him as Stella confides in her. Harry and Laura argue and she is left stresses. Harry decides to make some money by robbing some of the contents od Cilla's house, and questions Shelly is she said anything to Laura, and arguing with Sam. Tracey and Ian find out about Cilla and call the police while Amanda comes to visit Ian. Later Ian is annoyed by Amanda at the bar and Tracey slaps her. Ian realises Jim is struggling without his lover. Tracey offers a room for Cilla to stay in while Ian and Jim think Harry is behind it,however Cilla thinks otherwise. Tracey confronts Harry and he thinks its a joke. Laura finds out from Tracey and find Harry at the pornshop. Already knowing he did it, Laura reels at him and he says he did it for her and the money. Laura next tells Tracey it wasn't him and feels guilty so talks to Sam, however Stella arrives and later questions her relationship. Laura defends herself and throws herself at Harry
Eric Jackson & Audrey McQueen

Eric and Audrey

satisfy Stella, whose having trouble with her mum Audrey's new fella Eric. Harry assures Laura, who tells Tracey and Cilla the bad news that she can't do anything. Karyn returns and visits Cath's grave while Jim is consoled by Tracey. Jim finds Karyn and they talk.Karyn talks to Desiree while Jim annoys Ian and Tracey as they told Karyn how his behavior spiralled. Karyn and Jim decide to move on and they kiss. 
Karyn, Jim and Laura

Karyn, Jim and Laura

Karyn and Desiree

Karyn and Desiree

Tracey slaps Amanda

Tracey slaps Amanda

Sam and Laura affair

Sam and Laura Atkins have an affir

Samantha Foster and Liz Greenwood

Samantha and Liz

Claudia and Jonny

Claudia and Jonny

Becca, Piper & Shelly

Piper, Shelly and Becca

Terry, Charlene and Dina

Charlene, Terry and Dina

Shelly and Karyn

Shelly and Karyn

Karyn, Tracey and Ian

Karyn confides in Tracey and Ian

Amanda Leighton and Derek Callister

Amanda Leighton returns 2013

Amanda and Derek meet again

Amanda and Derek

Jim confides in Piper

Piper Canning tells Jim of Karyn's deadly secret

Jane and Barry

Couple Jane Slater and Barry Atkins

Terry with Charlene

Terry & Charlene

Tracey has a massive row with Karyn

Tracey and Karyn argue

Jonny and Claudia

Jonny with daughter Claudia

Sam proposes

Sam proposes to Shelly

Karyn and Jim

Karyn with Jim

Shelly neglects Sam
Jim and Karyn

Jim struggles after the fire

Karyn slaps Becca

Karyn Edington slaps Becca Maxwell

Tony, Carla and Marya

Tony and Carla with Marya

Karyn decides to question Tracey as she overhears Cilla talking about the robbery. Tracey tells Karyn to drop it, while Ian and Jim argue over the situation. Karyn wants answers from Laura and is reeling with Jim's childish behavior. Laura is annoyed with Karyn while Harry befriends Eric and Audrey.Karyn and Laura argue confusing Sam. 
The Leightons

The Leightons

Nik, Shelly, Sam and Eileen

Nik, Shelly, Sam & Eileen

Shelly is annoyed as Harry teases her to ensure she doen't know that Sam knows about the proposals.However Laura finds them and feels annoyed so tell Karyn what Harry did. Laura and Sam continue to see eachother while Harry spends time with John at Audrey's engagement party. Sam shows up leading to Laura and Sam to row and they decide to end their sordid affair. Harry questions a defensive Laura while Laura is unhappy that Stella and Eric didn't show up to the party . Laura reels at Stella who considers moving with Eric while Harry flirts with Amanda. Laura and Sam continue to argue as Sam feels hurt by her devotion to Harry. Laura is annoyed by Amanda and Harry while she tells Karyn to not make any rash decisions about Harry's robbery and also warns her. Laura learns about Eric's travelling propoal to Stella and when she confronts him, she realises he is dead and reports to Audrey. Laura ensures Stella doesn't tell Audrey about Eric's plan while Harry flirts with Amanda and gives her Eric's flowers laving Laura reeling, they later reconcile while Laura talks to John about Shelly. Sam stresses over the wedding and take it out on Shelly, while Laura questions Harry on Amanda. Harry defends Audrey when Eric's son Marc demands the inheritance. Shelly is annoyed when Harry join her convo with Sam while Laura confronts Amanda. Laura and Sam decide to  stay friends as they discuss their fling and Sam makes amends with Shelly later on the day, and they both talk to Fiona. Fiona apologises to both Sam and Shelly putting pressure on Sam as he knows the wedding is bound to go ahead. Sam is stunned after Amanda reveals she knows about him and Laura and is blackmailed. On Eric's  funeral, Sam argues with Amanda and John is eager to know why, and hey flirt, leaving Laura devestated.Sam pops out again concerning Shelly as he tells a displeased Laura about what Amanda knows. Laura complains to Sam leading to another kiss. Harry flirts with Amanda leaving Laura to ban him from seeing her and Harry feels dissapointed and Laura doesn't justify.Amanda continues to ask for money of Sam while Laura and Harry support Natasha. Sam is annoyed as Laura fretts. Amanda is keen to know more and seduces Harry, but they only manage to make-out, until Harry stays loyal to Laura making Amanda annoyed. Laura is concerned when Harry gossips about Amanda. Sam and Shelly see the venue and Sam enforces to Laura they should not mention fling. Sam complains to Amanda about the wedding costs and that he needs time to pay her. Amanda is reeling and seduces and forces herself on Harry as he backs her off. Harry questions of Laura told anyone about the robbery. Sam explains the money complications to Shelly while Harry and Laura join them maing it awkward.Karyn tells Tracey to force the whole truth from Laura, before she actually question Laura herself. Jim tells Karl to deal with it while Karl tells Jim to impress and appriciate Karyn, after he moves in. Laura notices Harry quizzing him over what he did and tells Karyn. Harry is wondering what Sam and Amanda have to hide after they argue. Jack and Karyn reminise of Harry's freedom. Karyn and  Jim get engaged and she make amends with Piper who is divorced by Terry later that day. Fiona encourages Shelly to make the most of non-married life. Steve encourages Sam to do his stag-do organised. Sam is left mortified after a stressed ou Amanda threatens to tell all, confusing Paula. Amanda supports John while annoying Derek and when she finds out Derek has proposed to go on holiday with Paul, Amanda unveils she is pregnant which Derek believes it to be his and drinks at the bar. Sam is put under strain by Amanda while Derek tells Sean to plot to murder Amanda. Jack bonds with the Maxwell brother for Liz's sake, unaware she got into bed with her Ex. Laura tells Harry why he was he taking to Amanda and he ignores it concerning Laura while Stella and Claudia plan to split up Jonny and Audrey. Amanda buys baby stuff to stop Derek and Paula leaving together and she threatens him. When Stella tells Harry to do something regarding Jonny and Audrey, it involved going to the leightons which Laura tried to ignore, and Harry began feeling like Laura knew something was up, and felt guilty over the robbery.Laura consoles in Barry while Fiona and Shelly gossip. Shelly leave early from a night out with Becca and is supported by Sam as the stress of the wedding builds up. Laura and Shelly talk and Shelly explains how she fears Sam won't turn up, and Imelda lectures Shelly while Sam and Amanda have a furious debate and when Laura arrives, she wants answers. Sam is annoyed by Laura's fear and flirtyness and argues with her. Sam takes out his stress on Shelly and Imelda calms him down. On the night his stag do was supposed to take place, Sam cancels it and Steve still arrives and Sam talks to him. Imelda invits the girls over for a party which goes ahead and Shelly vows t make amends with Laura. Laura questons Karyn abouther interest in Harry's case and Shelly thiks they are talking about her so she gets into a row with Karyn at the party, and ensures she doesnt attend the wedding, this is emphisised by Imelda. Sam is shocked to find out what happened and decides to have a clean slate with Karyn and invites her to the wedding which Shelly is livid over.Laura plans to tell Amanda to stop the blackmail, but Sam stops her as its too risky. Karyn is shocked as Jim moves the wedding to summer and enthuses over it with Piper. Jim and Karyn's jolly attitude raises Ian's suspicions while Cilla and Ian comes to conflict. Sam apologises to Shelly, but she struggles still and talks to Imelda while Harry teases Sam and so Sam doesn't invite him to the wedding and Laura plays along. Imelda tells Sam to focus on Shelly and the engaged couple get along again. Shelly meets Amanda and Laura tells Amanda to leav and tells Shelly to keep away from her, and tells Sam who pays Amanda, who isn't happy. Laura supports Shelly and talks to Stella and Harry about Natasha. Cilla learns it was Harry who robbed her after Tracey and Ian row.Ian talks to Jim who is out with Karyn while Cilla is annoyed that almost everyone knew and they argue. Tracey speaks to Karyn while Cilla calls the police. Tracey persuades Cilla to not say anthing and lectures Cilla while Ian asks the officer about Jim's stalking. Ian and Jim mourn Cath and they have a showdown and Ian reveals he made a pass at Cath, and Jim eventually understands but Ian is taken aback by his reaction. Ian threatens Jim as he planned to tell Karyn, while Ian later thinks Jim has told Tracey after finding the pair having a chat at home.Derek and Sean plan to murder Amanda as Shelly and Sam's engagement-do goes into full swing and Laura attends and feels alot of pressure as Shelly emphises their friendship whcih makes Laura get drunk..Sam consoles in Imelda and they go to the party Harry stays with Stella as Laura gets drunk and Amanda walks in, leading Sam to tell her to leave. Derek and Sean make their next move and Laura confronts and reels at Amanda as Harry walks in to control a drunken Laura. Amanda catches Sean about to attack her and they argue; eventually Harry hears and stops them, Amanda and Sean meet near Sam's house and Sean knocks out Amanda leaving Harry to pick up the pieces. Laura find him and thinks he tried to kill her, and Harry states he cheated on her with Amanda to as a cover up. Laura and Harry argue and eventually make amends. Fiona and Shelly consoles while Derek is dissapointed at Sean. Laura and Harry argue again, but Laura forgives Harry. Imelda gets Shelly ready for the wedding while Laura turns up and comforts Shelly. Laura feels guilty and tells Sam about Harry and Amanda's fling and that he did indeed rob Cilla. Amanda finds out Derek is involved with the attack yesterday after seeing him talk to Sean. Harry meets Amanda and they talk. Amanda explains she heard about his problems with Laura and seduces him and they kiss while Sam puts his worries aside and plans to marry Shelly. Harry rejects leaving with Amanda and so she reveals Sam and Shelly's affair in revenge. Harry stops the wedding by punching Sam and Sam confesses so Shelly slaps him and later has a row with Laura. Sam tries apologising which doesn't help. Harry is fuming with Laura so Laura calls the police on him reporting his crimes aand Harry is shocked to be arrested. Sam explains hatred for Laura while Amanda calms down and congradulates Sam and teases Derek. Amanda is later knocked out by Sean later that day and left for dead. Sam explaisn it was Amanda that told Harry and he argues with Laura.Laura and Harry yell as they meet in prison and Laura tells Karyn what happened at the wedding, but she isn't happy too. Stella consoles Jack and blames Laura. Jack and Stella visit Harry as he visits home whcih made Liz jealous. Laura calms an annoyed Harry down while Sam continues to blame Laura for the affair.Laura finds out it was down to Amanda and tries to get hold of her, as does Sam, after he has a row with Shelly. Sam and Shelly argues as Shelly feels they are both to blame, but she feels sick knowing that Sam knew about Harry's proposal. Laura and Sam meets and talk while Karyn and Karl talk to Imelda, and Shelly tells them to leave as she comes home drunk and Imelda is unhappy. Imelda find Sam and Laura and is fuming and tell Shelly who can't give Sam another chance. Shelly tells Karyn to look after Bobby in the mean time. Imelda tells Sam to stay away while Shelly gets rid of Sam's stuff from the house while Laura and Barry argue.Laura makes Karyn understand her situation while Sam and Shelly argue and when Shelly starts to see sense, Laura walks in and she tells him about Bobby. Sam is furious over Bobby being with Karyn and demands him back, but Shelly defends Karyn.Laura tells Stella she feels helpless towards Harry. Imleda gets Sam used to the fact Shelly has moved on whcih annoys Sam ,while Laura feels bad and seeks advice from Barry. Sam and Shelly argue and Laura argues with Shelly unveiling that Amanda blackmailed him. Shelly is left stunned when Sam offers a honeymoon and it gives Shelly to consider with Becca. Shelly meets Sam and Sam promises to never betray her again. Shelly and Sam become romantic and Imelda worries for Shelly and speaks to Desiree, while Harry talks to Jack and Stella at prison. Sam explains himself while Laura beleives it was all Amanda's fault and so tensions rise between her and Paula. Sam brushes Laura off his case annoying her and she confides in John who is shocked over Harry's imprisonment and Harry later dumps Laura. Sam and Shelly go away for a few nights. Harry and Laura continue to Talk and Jack realises Harry wants nothing to do with Laura and tells her. Laura and Stella have a major row in which Laura considers leaving the house. Harry tells Laura not to visit. Derek is shocked as Sean doesn't find the corpse of Amanda believing she is still out there. Laura seeks advice from Imelda while Stella complains to her. Derek puts the pressure on Sean to find Amanda as Derek reels over Jonny's police call, while Derek pushes forward holiday plans to ecape the situation. Sean ends up drunk after a argument with wife Elle and drinks at the bar where he finds Amanda and they confide in eachother and Amanda tells him she knew Derek was pulling the strings., and they sleep with eachother. Laura takes the brunt of Harry's arrest from Stella and Jack. Sean regrets the night but Amanda continues to allure him; eventually, Sean stands up to Amanda after buying a house with Elle so Amanda threatens to expose Derek's murder plot if he backed out from an affair. As Sam and Shelly return from the honeymoon, Laura escapes out the house leaving Shelly to question Imelda on her friendship with Laura.Sean is put pressure on by Amanda as he officially moves in with Elle, while Laura tries apologising for arguing with Stella.Laura confides in Tracey, while Sam asks Laura about Amanda's appearence. Laura and Stella make amends while Karyn and Imleda discuss Bobby's living arrangements. Shelly is annoyed to see Laura and taunts her while Laura tells Karn she still loves Harry. Laura is annoyed of Sam's ignorant behavior while Tracey and Karyn are happy Jim and Ian are talking.However, Ian wants payback after he thought Jim told Tracey about the kiss. When Ian mentions it, Tracey goes beserk and they argue while Karyn feels lost by her wedding plans and talks to Tracey. Ian threatens Jim. After Paula nearly catches out Sean and Amanda's affair, Sean vows to stop it and makes amends with Elle making Amanda jealous.Jonny defends Paula when Derek rushes to leave and Sean apologises to Derek for letting him down. Amanda prepares to confront Derek and goes ahead with it when Paula and Derek are about to leave. Paula and Jonny are taken aback while Derek confesses. Paula slaps Derek upon learing that Amanda's baby is his. After painful arguing Paula decides to let Derek go while Amanda sleeps with Sean. Derek and Sean argue while Amanda teases Sam. Desperate Derek asks to be apart of Amanda's baby's life but she rejects and Derek feels Sean had more to do with Amanda after seeing them row and when Sean is reeling over her one-nighter with Derek. Laura fretts over Harry's release after talking to Stella and Harry rejects to them reuniting so Laura blames Sam. Laura prepares to get drink and flirts and annoys Sam. Stella follows Sam home and threatens him to stay away from Laura. Laura learns about the threat from Sam while Stella and Jack pick up Harry. Harry shocks Laura by demanding her to move out and Stella struggles to defend her. Laura reels at Stella and Harry as she loses th plot and finds Harry and Amanda together and she annoys her. Derek, desperate to get Paula back, tells Amanda to be apart of the bay's life while Jonny tells Amanda to abort the baby in respect for Paula making them fuming.Paula realises Sean is acting odd and tells Claudia while Sean and Amanda have their sordid affair. Derek and Jonny settle their differences by Jonny letting Derek stay put whcih annoys Amanda. In an act of revenge she calls over Harry and they snog on the couch. Amanda vows to stop seeing Sean, however Sean argues with Elle too. Amanda dates Harry and when she comes back, Sean seduces Amanda and they sleep with eachother. Paula resorts to drinking so Derek continues his plight for fatherhood. Amanda reels over the one-night-stand but soon finds out she's really pregnant.and takes it out on a confused Laura. Shelly confronts Laura as she goes to see Sam, and she tells Sam that Amanda is with Harry.Amanda spends the night with Harry so Stella explains it to Laura whens she visits. Stella tells Laura to move on while Amanda is annoyed that Laura hasn't left yet. Laura and Amanda argue and she tells her to pay back Sam his money and then she will stay away from Harry and Amanda accepts and confirms moving out to Harry. Laura tells Sam and they get along while Laura confides in Tracey about how much she loves Harry and asks for one more chance. Laura and Amanda row while Sean is angry at Amanda for the split and consoles in Eve and confesses the affair making her reel.Laura finds out Amanda is pregnant and informs Harry who still rejects getting together. Laura drinks at the bar with Tracey and Sean learns about her pregnancy and confronts Amanda.Sean learns the baby is his and she previoulsy lied about her pregnancy before. A raging Sean yells at her and threatens to attack her until Amanda goes into labour. Sean and Derek argue and he decides to see Elle.Paula reels at Jonny for celebrating the birth of Max, while Sean tells Eve he was lying. Eve sees Amanda and beileves the affair more, as Amanda and Sean argue. Derek gets the impression he can be the father to Max when he sees Amanda pushing away Harry, however Amanda does it to delay their breakup.Sean learns that Amanda wont tell Elle and Paula wants more answers but Amanda refuses to give any.Karyn persuades Tracey to make amends with Ian while Jim feels bad and levels of with Ian. Karyn is annoyed when Jim and Tracey argue as Jim reveals to her that he knew about Ian's kiss secret, while Stella is hurt when Harry is adament to split with Amanda and does so. Laura and Sam talk and relaise that Amanda didn't give all the money bac and they confront her. Amanda vows to give some money back and Laura confides in Harry and they row while Sam and Shelly celebrate. Tony tells Sean for a job which is to kill Carla, his wife, not long after she returned. Sean and Tony make plans while John is struggling with the death of Victoria and consoles in Harry. Ian and Tracey fall out and Cilla vow to speak to Harry and taunts him and makes him fell uncomfortable which Ian reels at upon him finding out and so instructs Cilla to leave. Tracey is annoyed at Karyn believing she knew about Ian's secret while Ian blames Jim for all the trouble he has caused.Tracey is annoyed as Karyn starts avoiding her and gets through to her via Piper, while Ian is blamed for Cilla's decision to leave. Cilla learns what Ian did via Karyn which causes more tension, and So Tracey tells Ian to leave making him reel. Tracey and Ian's marriage continues to suffer while Cilla and Tracey renovate Cilla's house and she moves back. Tracey finds Jim flirting with Piper and warns Piper to stay well away. At Cilla's girls night out, Tracey teases Jims flirting with Piper to Karyn and Karyn tells Tracey she knew nothing about Ian's secret and they make amends.Cilla feels violated when Harry breaks in and later confronts her. Cilla keeps it t herself while Karyn reels at Jim and Piper for their flirting and she goes out with Tracey. Jim is annoyed that Tracey let it slip.Harry threatens Cilla if she goes to the police while Ian is concerned why Jim is angry at Tracey. In a heated row, Sean tells Eve that the other woman was Amanda leading to a fallout. Amanda prepares to give Max to Sean until Derek arrives and wonder why Sean has come here. Derek threatens Sean while Amanda tries to speak to an ignorant Harry who spends time with John and teases Nik. Harry makes Cilla feel uncomfortable while Tracey reels as Cilla tells Tracey it was Harry who is taunting her. Samantha and Becca both worry. Tracey and Cilla row as a result so she talks to Jim to settle things and Karyn too.Jack feels like Harry doesn't care anyomore and consoles with Stella and later finds out he is expecting a baby with Liz  Tracey sends the police away which Cilla called making her mad while Ian is called instaed; This makes Tracey beleive Cila isnt lying and she asks Laura about Harry. Tracey warns Ian not to get all involved and she meets Harry at the pawnshop where Harry annoys and flirts with her.Harry is annoyed at Cilla for telling and asks for money of Jack. Jim and Piper bond makes Karyn jealous and she orders Piper to sell the sculpture while Jim is annoyed of Karyn's orders. Karyn and Jim argue while Piper has enough and chats to Charlene. Karyn tells Karl to get drunk with her and they do.Karl worries as Karyn is tipsy and she gets into an argument with Piper who worries where Karl was. Insulted, Karyn tells Jim to kick Piper out but instaed Jim kicks her out making Karyn attack Piper and they have a catfight. A drunken Karyn later find Ian and confides in him, but also tells him Jim murdered Cath, they argue while Karyn falls asleep and wakes up and tells him it was a lie, but Ian doesn't believe it.Jim avoids Karyn while Karyn fretts and ensures he says nowt. Karyn decides to flee with Jim but her rejects Karyn drowns her sorrows. Laura confides in Tracey and thnks Amanda has something to do with Harry and Cilla's thing and so confronts her Laura tells Barry to talk to Sam as she cant talk to Shelly and Sam since the wedding. Laura and Amanda end up rowing while Jim rejects a night out and the holiday.Jim and Tracey chat while Ian and Karyn argue and Karyn tells him to leave her alone. Karyn aand Jim are shocked as a bunch of Cath's stuff is at the door and Jim fretts and takes it out on Karyn who claims to have done it, however she didn't. Jim slaps her after she admits that while Karl learns of Elle and Sean's divorce which makes him late for a house viewing with Piper. Ian tells Karyn to do something about the slap and tells Karyn that Jim deserves it. Jim later apologises, but Karyn ignores it and talks to Tracey while Jim's stalking happens again and he calls the police and Karyn is suprised. Karyn realises it might be Ian and they row.Jim tries to make amends with Karyn, while Cilla and Harry argue and Tracey is annoyed when Harry is in close distance.Amanda tells Derek to look after Max as she makes amends with Harry. Amanda tries to reconcile and she kisses Harry. Harry tells Derek to back off as he wants to be with Amanda which annoys Amanda who rows with Laura. Karyn annoys Jim by packing his bags while Piper is ridiculed by Karl after he talks to Claudia about the death of Sean. Eve cant bare to look Amanda in the eye as Elle consoles in her. Jim and Karyn's arguing leads Karyn to tell Tracey she can't marry Jim and she heads t Ian's and blames him.Tracey walks in as Karyn rushes out and stays at a hotel, while Karl and Piper argue over him seeing Claudia and Jim consoles her at the graveyard.Jim's gets onominous calls and wonders where Karyn is. Piper is angry the next day at Karyn while Piper confesses to Desiree that she wont attend Karyn's wedding. Sam reveals he cannot help Cilla while Tracey also feels let down as Cilla confides in Ian and she and Ian argue. Harry notices Cilla trying to get police involved when he goes out with Amanda and harrases Cilla. Shelly feels overworked and consoles with Becca and Sam gets his old job back. Laura tells Sam to speak to Harry and when he does, Harry puts the blame on Sam. Amanda and Laura row while Shelly confides in Fiona. Harry comes to Shelly's house and reminds an oppressed Shelly of Sam's affair. Sam and Laura talk to Tracey and Sam soon realises Shelly is ignoring him, and questions her, but she remains silent and Sam tells Laura who believes its down to Harry and Amanda and confronts an angry Amanda. Eventually, Shely tells Sam she's unhappy about previous affair and Sam blames Harry for reminding her. Sam and Shelly reconcile and he tells Tracey he saw Harry at Cilla's. Laura confronts him and they row. Imelda tells Jack to tell Harry to stay away from Shelly and Jack tells Amanda to tell Harry to take away Shelly, after Jack and Liz split.Liz tells Harry to threaten Jack into saying nothing about the father of baby. Jack feels angry as Harry threatens him and Jack questions Harry. When Jack collects his stuff, Liz reveals she was responsible for calling Harry on him and they argue. Sam spends time at work neglecting Shelly whose with Bobby. Sam is impressed by Laura's knowledge on Harry and employs her so they both work with the police now. Shelly finds out and isn't happy and they argue.Laura and Shelly and row on the street and Shelly decides to pack her bags as she talks to Imelda. Laura tells Shelly to treat Shelly and he invites Shelly to the bar. Imelda tells Shelly to give him another chance and Shelly and Sam meets and they get close and talk of starting a family. Sam proposes making Laura feel uneasy and she complains to Jane. Tracey pleads Cilla not to leave until Cylvia and George arrive. Harry taunts Cilla at the pawnshop while George is confused on Tracey and Ian's living arrangements and tells Tracey he isnt police which Tracey previously thought. Laura and Harry row and he sees Amanda. Harry and Amanda annoy Stella with their kissing while Harry tells Laura to give up trying to catch him. George and Cylvia row over the fact that they will have to stay here for longer and so Cylvia gets tipsy and flirts with Ian leading to a row between George and Cylvia, while Tracey and Ian get along. Cilla tells George and Tracey that the culprit is Harry and Harry walks in with Amanda and both Tracey and George quiz him,and Tracey shuts Amanda up.Jim feels bad as Piper doesn't want to attend his wedding and complains to Karyn. Karyn persuades her to come while Jim flirts with Piper.Jim becomes suspicious of Piper as the stalking continues while Karyn feels awkward when Ian joins the clan at the bar. Jim and Karyn sorts things with Piper while Jim vows to stay indoors. Jim is left annoyed by Piper and Karl defends her. Karyn tells Tracey the wedding is underway.Cilla vows to go out leaving the 2 couples to enjoy their lunch and she meets Natasha's brother Marc. Amanda and Harry go to the bar where Tracey annoys them and tells Harry what a slag Amanda was. Harry is uncomfortable and ends up rowing with Amanda and he goes to the Bistro where Cilla and Marc are. Harry tells Natasha who is in disbelief and they argue. Tracey and Ian rekindle their romance and Cilla returns home not claiming where she had been annoying George and Tracey. George talks to the police making Cilla annoyed
Couple Ricky and Elsie
who wants everyone to stay out of it. Karyn consoles Tracey while George goes home to find Cilla lying there unconcious and she eventually wakes up and it worries him and Tracey. Cylvia sets up Tracey and Ian on a date so they get closer while Harry asks Stella and Jane about Marc and so questions Cilla who yells at him and George and Harry nearly fight. Amanda feels annoyed with Harry over his behavior. Fiona learns Shelly's wedding is due to be low-key.Cilla is annoyed that Harry is aware of Marc. Shelly and Sam go out while Imelda comforts a depressed Jack. Shelly finds Imelda giving a gift to Karyn and questions why she isnt getting one. Laura and Sam enthuses over the job while Tracey and Laura discuss Harry. Laura tells Jane and Clare that there might be hope in catching him. Fiona rejects being Shelly's bridesmaid and complains to Sam and Karyn. Shelly convinces Sam to tell Laura to quit, and when Laura finds out she reels at Shelly. Imelda finds Jack vulnerable and distressed and asks Stella. Sam and Fiona talks about the wedding until Fiona mentions that Sam should have Lily while Gavin is away and he fumes . Shelly is also annoyed and consoles in Becca. Stella learns Liz is carrying Greg's baby and cofronts Liz by slapping her, later Jack feels sorry for Liz and they have a one night stand. Jack gets drunk the next day after a row with Stella and shows up at the wedding reception, where he tells Ellie the father of Liz's baby. Stella tried stopping him and also argues with Liz again, while Liz soon goes into labour after she rows with Jack as she never wants to see him again. Greg and Ellie argue while Sam and Shelly rely on Imelda to look after Lily and Bobby. Shelly finds Harry at the pub and she tells him to stay away from her and that she is planning to get married. Laura finds them and it makes Sam worry so he asks an ignorant Amanda. Laura complains to Barry and Jane about being jobless. Tracey and Laura plan to split up Harry and Amanda. Shelly and Lily bicker whcih makes Shelly beleive she wont get on with Lily. Imelda consoles her while Shelly while Sam learns about Ellie's wedding and informs the family and tells Fiona he's struggling to cope with Lily. After another row, Shelly confides in Karyn regarding Sam's kids while Sam learns from Barry that Laura is finding it hard to come across another job and even spoke to Fiona about working at the salon. Eve picks a row with Amanda annoying Elle while Elle interrogates Derek about Sean while Amanda feels bad and suggests telling Elle that Sean tried to kill her,annoying Derek. Laura is told to back-off from Amanda and they get into an arguement as Harry is there too. Derek stops the fight from escalating annoying Harry. Amanda tells Derek to stay out the way while Amanda plays the good-girl when visiting Sam and Shelly. Derek and Paula grow close and when Amanda walks in with Max, Paula and Derek row and Paula starts to think his presence is distorting their past. Shelly and Sam make it to the wedding venue and Karyn, Piper, Jim and Jack arrive. Imelda warns Amanda and Harry to not cause trouble and Sam and Shelly marry. Shelly finally accepts living alongside Lilly while Amanda and Harry mock the party. Jack and Stella find a lost Liz and take her home and Audrey finally accepts their relationship. Elle suggests Eve and Tommy move in with Claudia and they decide to do so given their finacial status. Paula threatens Jonny to kick out Derek and Jonny explains to difficulty to Claudia while Paula teases Derek about it. Eve suggests giving the Max to Amanda and Paula thinks Amanda won't cope. Shelly informs Sam of how she's getting on with Lilly while they decide to go out. Laura annoys Shelly over her job loss leading to a heated row. Jane and Laura talk after Laura chats to Tony.  Laura meets Cilla and Tracey and unveils her decision to depart the valley much to Tracey's dismay. Sam and Shelly plan to spend the night in and Sam gets a calls from Tracey and visits the local rectory park where Laura is and she tells him that she is leaving and Sam tries to stop her, until Shelly arrives, having heard the conversation. Laura leaves and visits Barry and Jane en-route. Sam explains why he wanted Laura to stay annoying Shelly while they ask Becca if Liz has been found. Sam phones Fiona asking for a job for Laura while Shelly visits Fiona and learns she is temporarily in charge . Fiona tells Shelly about Sam's efforts to get Laura a job and Shelly fumes. Imelda reminds them to have their honeymoon and they make amends. Jonny make Paula believe that he has kicked out Derek. Eve is annoyed when she thinks Amanda is pretending to care for Elle while Amanda goes out with Harry and learns from Sam about Laura's abrupt departure. Derek teases Paula and after chatting to Sam, and Paula is shocked to hear that Jonny did not kick Derek out and she confronts Jonny and goes to Jonny's home with him, while Derek and Amanda argue and  Derek mentions how Eve thinks Amands should look after her baby. Amanda confronts Eve and she is told to leave. Jonny and Paula row and when Jonny leaves the bedroom in a strop, he falls down the stairs and Audrey, who enters, blames Paula. Cilla and Samantha talk at the park and talk of their problems and Cilla reveals that she sent George away. A worried Samantha calls Tracey to the seen while Cylvia is shocked as Marc wants to go out with Cilla and they do so.Tracey blames Sam for Laura's departure while Marc meets Clare and Jane when out with Cilla. Tracey is reeling upon learning George has left. Marc and Harry talk about Cilla while Tracey, Cilla and Cylvia argue over George's departure. Cilla is annoyed when Harry joins Marc on their outing while Karyn and Tracey talk and Tracey teases Amanda while Cilla has enough of Marc and Harry and leaves abruptly. Marc wants to know why Cilla hates Harry and Harry explains and blackmails Marc that he should string her aong, so he gets an insight of her property in order to get it of her. Marc is shocked but eventually agrees as Harry prepares to tell Natasha about him. Cilla vows to end her freindship with Marc to Cylvia and Tracey and Ian rift over the living arrangements. At dinner, Cilla find Marc at the door and they reconcile.Harry tells Amanda of their happy future.Paula feels guilty of Jonny's injury and confides in Sam and Shelly, while Claudia meets Liz whose baby died. Claudia reels at Paula while Derek is fuming as Paula blames him. Paula vows to leave but Jonny tells Claudia to stop her. Sam and Shelly visit Becca to ask about Liz while they later prepare to leave the valley for thier honeymoon. Jane and Marc chat and Marc leaves as Barry reminds Jane that Marc to Natasha's brother and Jane asks Natasha. Jack is left laughing when he hears of Harry's plans to settle with Amanda, before he goes out with Stella and Becca asks him about Liz.. Jane and Natasha row and Jane kicks Clare out after a heated row. Jack tells Amanda to to get her hopes up for living with Harry while Cylvia lets Cilla slip out to see Marc. Jane asks where Cilla is and Tracey is also interrogative and wants answers. Cylvia drives Tracey and Jane to the bar where Cila is shocked and annoyed at them for intruding while Harry is annoyed as Marc might bow out his plan. Cilla is made feeling uncomfortable as Harry teases her and Marc gets annoyed. Jane makes Marc see Natasha and Cilla goes home. Harry and Amanda argue over how realistic his plan is and what Jack said. Tracey and Cilla argue and Tracey tells Ian she misses him. Natasha is reeling when Marc met her because of Jane. Amanda puts the pressure on Harry while Harry assures Stella that Jack will pay for his rent. Cilla leaves the pub as Cylvia and Tracey watch her moves while Marc confides in Natasha. Harry is annoyed over Marc's bow-out and Marc and Cilla talk and she makes a pass at him, and she panics and rushes home. Marc tells Jane while Harry and Amanda discuss their future and Marc vows to help Harry. Cylvia tells Cilla not to stress.Jonny takes out his anger on Audrey and she confides in Stella while Elle learns that Tony, Marya's fiance, was arrested for the murder of Trevor Connor. Elle starts to wonder if Sean had anything to do with it and Derek tells her to leave it. Derek persuades Jonny to apologise to Paula after their row and Paula and Jonny make amends. Paula cooks dinner for the family and her and Amanda do not get on. Tracey fumes as Cilla is out with Harry and Marc and fmes at her, and Harry annoys her. Tracey warns Marc andconfides in Ian. Cylvia and Cailla rgue over Marc while Harry is happy with Marc who talks about properties with Natasha. Cilla overhears and lets him stay with her. Tracey is annoyed as Marc stays the night and Tracey avoids having dinner with them. Tracey tells Ian she will consider his offer of moving back while Marc realises Amanda and Harry across the road and tells Harry to be less obvious, and Marc learns that Amanda shouldn't know of thier initial plan. Tracey tells Cilla she is leaving and Cilla asks what Harry wanted when talking to Marc. Tracey and Ian leave and Marc comforts Cilla, who rejects his kiss. Jim suspects Piper is his stalker as he confides in Tracey while Karyn stresses over the wedding plans and Jim's lack of effort. Jim is annoyed by Piper and he reels at her concerning Karyn. Karyn confides in Tracey as she is worried. Jim tells Karl and Piper to leave and Piper beilives it was down to Karyn and confronts her after dinner. Karyn is annoyed at Jim while Ian and Tracey go out and talk about their future. Ian teases Jim annoying Karyn while Karyn is assured by Ian he wont tell anyone about what Jim did. Piper tells Jim he should leave but Jim thinks thats what she initialy wanted. Piper doesn't want to attend the wedding dissapointing Karyn who tries on her dress with Desiree. Piper locates the stalker stuff in Jim's bedroom while Jim visits the wedding venue and drinks alot and Ian finds him and takes him home. Karyn consoles in Jim who reels over what Piper didwhile Tracey and Ian have dinner with Cilla and Marc and Tracey apologises to Marc for her behavior. Terry returns and sleeps with Charlene and Piper finds out. Ian and Tracey get on with Mrc while Jim feels threatened by Piper and locks the house door and flees with Karyn to a hotel. Piper and Karl talk and Piper stays with Shelly and Sam in the meantime. Jim and Karyn get close and Karyn stresses over the wedding and vows to go home annoying Jim. Piper is reeling with Jim and threatens to end his engagement to Karyn. Ian consoles Piper while Karyn talks to Tracey about the hotel stay. Jim accuses Piper of being his stalker and Piper feels horrid and tells Ian. Ian, revealed as the real stalker, sends calls from Piper and places more stalker stuff at the door of Cath's stuff. Karyn is shocked to see Jim who makes a call to 'Piper'  vowing the engagement is off. Karyn learns of the wedding cancelation and isn't happy. Karyn reel at Jim who gets fed up and leaves to go to the out while Tracey, Marc, Cilla and Ian go to the salon to and Ian finds what to wear for the wedding and gets on with Marc. Karl blames Piper for provoking Jim and they row while Jim and Piper face eachother again. Jim and Karyn don't get on so Karyn confides in her mum and Tracey and Piper is told by Ian to man-up to Jim and Piper arranges to meet Jim. Initially, they both row and Jim tries to kiss Piper who panics and leaves. Karyn advises Karl to move out. Shelly and Sam talk about Lilly while Imelda thought she saw Laura and tells Sam.Sam can't think straight and attempts to call her and Shelly walks in. Karyn is annoyed when Piper decides to stay indoors and Karyn talks to Tracey. Karyn decides to put her hands down and tells Jim to attend the wedding while Jim confides in Ian and finds out Ian knows about the his accusation to Piper. Jim confronts Piper who taunts him and he kidnaps her and attacks her and leaves her for dead having blackmailed her to say nothing about the kiss. Jim sees that Karl is worried while Karyn tells Desiree that Piper hasn't come home and gets ready for the wedding. Karl confides in Claudia and asks Elle, Carla and Claudia if they've seen her. Jim is shell-shocked to find Piper not at the scene of his brutal attack. Karyn feels Jim is on edge and comforts him while Karyn and Ian talk about putting the past behind and Piper, who is next door still injured, finds out about Jim's secret. Jim finds Piper while Karyn gets ready at Des's. Piper reels at Jim who locks her in the bedroom and Jim persuades Karyn to forget Piper and they marry. Ian can't stand Jim being happy and leaves more stuff outside Jim's house. Piper finds Ian putting the stuff outside the house. Piper breeaks the door open and tells Karyn about Ian. Sam spots Laura with a client and asks what she is doing. Laura ignores him and celebrates with Barry over her new business, and Sam complains to Barry. Shelly and Sam go out and they bump into  Laura and Shelly complains to her that she wants to to get close to Sam. Tracey and Ian bump into Karyn who exposes Ian as the stalker leaving Tracey devestated as Ian tries to reason with her. Piper still feels hurt with Karl's accusation and they row. Piper is fuming as Karyn knew about Jim's secret and they row. Piper tells Karyn about the kiss and Jim and Karyn row. Jim tries to seduce Karyn and they plan to go on their honeymoon, before Jim punches Ian who is angry over Tracey and teases Jim over the stalking. Ian and Tracey continue to row as Tracey cant accept what he did. Laura tells Sam about her business and consoles Tracey while Amanda is impatient over Harry's plans while Jack and Stella are concerned as Liz continues to work at RR. Jack and Stella go out with Amanda and Harry, and Amanda has a tantrum over Harry's plan to start a new life and the lack of progress made on achieving that. Harry visits Marc and puts the pressure on him.Amanda is reeling as Natasha has found a property while Laura tells Sam she needs an investor for her to open her bar business and also informs Jane and Barry if her requirements.Piper confides in Desiree as does Karl whose worried. Karl fumes as Piper tells Desiree that Jim killed Cath while Tracey confides in Cilla and Marc over what she found out about Ian and also yells at him. Karl asks help of Charlene.Karl fumes as Piper harasses Karyn over the phone while she bites back at Karl and drinks. Karl notices Piper's attack marks and remains quiet over it.Piper embarrasses herself as she gets tipsy and annoys Karl as she dances with Eve.Tracey quizzes Laura over the Harry case while Tracey tells Cylvia she does not know what to do.Amanda stalks Marc and Harry to Cilla's house as she is concerned over his plan while she organizes a fake meeting alongside Elle where she learns from Marc what his plan is.Elle and Marc gets along while Natasha is annoyed to find that Marc won't move in with her and he meets Cilla annoying Amanda.Amanda tells Elle that Marc is single to foil Harry's plan while.Eve and Amanda rift over Elle while Harry teases Laura's plan of opening up a business,as does Amanda. Harry notices Laura and Aamanda arguing and stops it and Aamanda reels at him as she confronts him over his flawed plan and they row. Harry asks Jack for some money, puts Stella puts her hands down and tells him to grow up. Karyn finds Piper devestated and asks why while Karl confides in Claudia.Tracey and Karyn argues as Karyn suggests her to leave Ian.Jim realises Karyn is acted paranoid and seduces her and Piper yells at him and also at Ian. Claudia suggests Karl to propose to Piper as does Eve while Piper collapses drunk as Jim winds her up. Karl asks Jim about Piper's injury and he changes the topic.Piper gets drunk while Des and Karyn argue over Jim and is shocked as Des knew what he did. Piper's behavior leads her to get arrested and Karl and Eve pick her up.Karl touches Jim and Cath's wedding ring and Jim is annoyed making Karyn angry.Piper tells Ian to stay away from her and Karyn learns Ian played a part in the attack, so Karyn interrogates Jim who denies all involvement. Laura and Barry make plans to open the new business and she talks to Tracey.Amanda learns that Eve knows about the affair and Max with Sean after having dinner at Claudia's.Amanda interrogates Eve until Elle shows up. Piper finds out that Claudia knew about Karl's decision to propose to Piper.Piper complains to Karyn and Karyn and Jim attempt to distract Karl from proposing while Piper gets drunk and rejects Karl's proposal before he gets down on his knees. Jim is hurt by Karyn's doubt over his involvment in the attack.
Carla and Liam sitting
Charlene leaves
Eileen plans to marry Nik

Eileen plans to marry Nik

Karyn leaves for holiday

Karyn goes abroad

Nik Marries Eileen

Nik marries Eileen

Piper Edington with Tracey

Tracey with Piper

Tony's kidnap 1

Tony kills Robbie Sloan

Tony kidnaps Carla and Samantha
Tony's kidnap 3

Carla is kidnapped

Tony's kidnap

Tony knocks out Carla

Tracey Jones X-mas

Tracey Jones Xmas

Carla and Terry

Carla and Terry

Carla Connor 1

Valley's Carla Connor

Carla Connor 2


Carla Connor 3

Valley's Carla

Derek and Ellie 2

Derek with Ellie

Eileen and Tony

Eileen meets Tony

Ellie and Derek

Ellie and Derek

Karyn with Jim

Karyn and Jim

Liam and Liz

Liz confides in Liam

Piper and sister Karyn

Karyn and Piper

The police and Carla

Carla learns about Tony's escape

The Stephensons

The Stephensons

Karyn Green 1

Karyn Green

Harry and Amanda

Harry and Amanda

Harry and Ex Laura

Harry and Laura

Karyn alongside Jim

Karyn and Jim

Karyn and Des

Karyn and Desiree

Karyn Green 3

Karyn Green

The Edingtons

Karyn, Jim, Karl and Piper

Karyn & Arnold

Arnold and Karyn

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