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SunsetValley's Buzz coversEdit


Terry & Eve

Terry Canning & Eve Cole

Karyn and Sam

Sam and Karyn Atkins

Fred and Paula kiss

Fred and Paula Leighton kiss

Fred and Paula Leighton

Fred and Paula

Fred and Rachel

Fred & Rachel

Claudia and Elle

Claudia Cole with daughter Elle McAlpherne

Cilla and Andrew marry

Priscilla and Andrew re-marry

Liz and Claudia

Claudia and Liz

Samantha, Laura and Andrew

Samantha, Laura and Andrew

Tracey confronts Clare and Andrew

Tracey, Andrew and Clare

Karyn, Derek & Piper

Karyn,Derek and Piper

Lydia,Elsie and Ricky

Lydia is jealous of a flirting Elsie

Eleha and Arnold

Arnold accidently kills Eleha after her wedding

Sam,Shelly and Karyn

Shelly becomes jealous of Karyn since she's with Sam

Piper and Karyn

Party at the Edingtons

Piper Jones

Piper Jones

Samantha and Bill Foster

Samantha and Bill Foster

Laura and Cara

Unconcious Laura and dead Cara

Laura and Nicholas

Laura and Nicholas

Jane lashes out at Larrie

Jane lashes out at Larrie

Samantha and Bill

Bill and Samantha

Jane and Jeff

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